On Janmastami The almighty God Lord Sri Krishana , Owner of Universe took birth as a Human body to teach the human being
How to get Muksha ?( Total free from kam-krodha-lov-mod-maho-marsarjo, free from Janmo-Mrito cycle)
How to lead a good life?
How to fight against evil force ?
How to establish the superiority ?
How to win a battle with less number of soldiers ? What you will do on the bad time as well good time in life ? How to do Raj dhramo ? What is human politics ?
How you could be a good human being ? many many secretes of Universe !
“Yada yada hi Dharmasy glanirbhavati bharat,
Abhyutthanam dharmasy tadatmanam srajamyaham.
Paritranay sadhunam vinashay ch dushkritam,
Dharm sansthapnarthay sambhmami yuge yuge.”
Krishna speaks to Arjun
Hey Bharat
Whenever there is suppression of righteousness, then I take the form / reincarnate in the world to establish the righteousness again.
For liberating gentle righteous persons and punishing those who are evils and to establish the reign of righteousness, I reincarnate/ manifest in every aeon.
Today it should be consider as a Universal peace Day

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