Make in India Vs Made in China

Make in India Vs Made in China

Make in India Vs Made in China
During freedom movement, India struggle to stop using British made cloth to promote Indian cloth. The freedom fighters fight against British. Now we are fighting against our own made policies. During last 67 years the country has allowed to other countries to sale all type of Materials, equipment, baby toys in India, I mean to say everything. Now India is a selling hub. Every one sells here their products. Mostly Chinese products are expanding like an Atom Bomb’s chain reaction. What Chinese not sell!
They Sell Lord Krishna’s Idol to baby toys to thermometer to Medical Equipment to construction equipment to food products.
Their products attack on religion to new born baby to construction Industries to food products. All back born they have attacked so it very easy for them to weak India. Need to think on very Micro level.
Just think how much horror on the result after ten years.
The Indian traders are getting more profit to sell Chinese products. I hope we must control on Chinese products, all products should not be allowed to India. Indian small scale Industries already killed by previous government policies. Now if present government does not control Chinese products it will be very big problem we are inviting in our country.
People may earn PHD degree from University may get noble price on Economics but I do not think Chinese has accepted any noble prize about how to boost Manufacturing Industries. They invite many foreign companies but they did not kill their own factories. Most of the foreign companies use china as a Manufacturing Hub, but mind it Chinese copy the technology very fast and sell same type of product with a very cheap price. So in china if Chinese government throughout all foreign company in future they will not face any problem.
PHD and expert can give you way but the people must accept it. As per our present economic situation of common man of India their need their demand we must produce the product for them and give them to consume it, later on to export to other countries. The common man should not be allow to take cheap Chinese product we must produce it in India itself.
Chinese companies expanding their business all over the world, they are not worry for India, they are also creates worry to western countries.
Now President Xi send jail more than 1 lakh corrupt people but their business not stops. Mr. Xi is horror for their country. But he is good for common men.
We must learn how to handle corrupt people, except protect people. If someone dealing with corruption it is more harmful than selling drugs.
To get success on make in India project China is our first huddle. The Indian custom should not be loose, the customer officer must be Honest, and they are like a BSF who protect country from outside attack. India is facing on attack on foreign products.
Make in India project just not only to invite people from outside country it should be parallels boosting on Indian small Scale Industries, mid scale, and large scale Industries. We must create small small , Reliance, TATA, LNT, Mahendra, Birla, Bajaja, world is for all not for few peoples. Every people must get opportunity to promote them.
Custom people should be the protector Indian Industries. So Custom people should not be only an IRS, OR IAS some people must be from Defense.
my thought with some words to reach to the well wishers of Future India.

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