Bring back black money !!!

Bring back black money !!!

It is not only to win Indian election you have to win western politics to bring back black money
Disclosed of Black money in public could make India weaker than before !
Impression of India could be down internationally! any way it is expected government must bring back the money to India with out delay and with out knowing to public !
Sri Anna Hazare agitation Indian against corruption made Indian currency 1 USD=INR 69
Sri Anna Hazare did good job , come out in unknown Gandhian man, media make a small men to a five start activist . create AKJ.
Blocking Parliament by opposition made Indian currency 1USD=INR 66.7 .
Opposition worry on government on their policy on black money and strong foreign relation and policy !
The black money holder in foreign they know it is not easy for government to disclose the name which could make very down Impression on India as well trust on Indian rupees may fail !
Western world never want that the money should come back to India , then there will be big crash in western economy only begging bowel will be in their hand ! When they visit India, they use to click street beggar picture of India and make documentary film to enjoy the pain of India if black money return Indian will visit in the street of western countries to click the picture of beggar . the rout cause no one yet Identify.
Anna Hazare and Sonia Gandhi could be nominated Nobel Peace 2016. To save Sonia from Indian government they may choose Sonia as Nobel peace award in 2016, which could not be a very surprising thing ! if she continue block Parliament.
Why all of a sudden sensex down around 2000 point in two days ! All dishonest foreigner withdraw money one time to create a vacant in the market to pull the poor Indian investor money from the market.
USA’s foreign policy is very strong; they know how to make other counties currency down !
USA know every economic criminal of India who are so called big big politician of India !

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