America belongs to Indian before entry of European

America belongs to Indian before entry of European

America belongs to Indian before entry of European
In History of America before European entered in America you will find one words that is Native Indian! How Indian words has been introduced in American History. It seems it has a strong link with American and Indian!Native American use to do yoga like Indian. So yoga can link Indian claim.
Please find an Yoga idol find out under the Mississippi riven during digging. two idol one is Padmaashan and an other vajrasana

History of America also has been destroyed by the European. It is impossible to ignore the claim that the DNA of Native American and Indian are not same. The life style, culture, religion, habits, economy of Indian and Native American are almost same.
The Paleo-Indian period covers that span of time during which people first came into the Americas. Since there is great controversy surrounds exactly when the first people came to the Americas, no fixed starting point for the Paleo-Indian periods be can be given. Some scientists say humans came into the Americas no earlier than 13,000 years ago, while other scientists believe that people were living in the Americas long before 13,000 years ago. Also, the origin tales of many of the Native American societies state that they were created in essentially those geographical locations where they were when first encountered by Europeans; thus, the Indians have always been in the Americas. The Paleo-Indian period ends with the major climatic changes (and accompanying flora and faunal changes) brought about by the end of the Pleistocene (Ice Ages), some 10,000 years ago.

You will find any records of America before Europeans entered in America. it is again Europeans conspiracy !
History says Europeans killed almost all Native American.

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