Bharat is a land of God and Goddess

Bharat is a land of God and Goddess

Bharat is a land of God and Goddess

Swami Vivekananda on India :-
* With every man, there is an idea; the external man is only the outward
manifestation, the mere language of this idea within. Likewise, every nation
has a corresponding national idea. This idea is working for the world and is
necessary for its preservation”
• “It is when the national body is weak that all sorts of disease germs, in the
political state of the race or in its social state, in its educational or
intellectual state, crowd into the system and produce disease. To remedy it,
therefore, we must go to the root of this disease and cleanse the blood of
all impurities.”
• If there is any land on this earth that can lay claim to be the blessed Punya
Bhumi, to be the land to which all souls on this earth must come to account
for Karma, the land to which every soul that is wending its way Godward
must come to attain its last home, the land where humanity has attained its
highest towards gentleness, towards generosity, towards purity, towards
calmness, above all, the land of introspection and of spirituality – it is India.
• Crossing over mountains, rivers, arid oceans, setting at naught, as it were,
the obstacles of the distance of space and time, the blood of Indian thought
has flowed, and is still flowing into the veins of other nations of the globe,
whether in a distinct or in some subtle unknown way. Perhaps to us
belongs the major portion of the universal ancient inheritance.
• “Do you love your country? Then come, let us struggle for higher and better
things; look not back, no, not even if you see the dearest and nearest cry.
Look not back, but forward!”

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Bharat is a land of God and Goddess

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