Bharat is a Vishwa mother !

Bharat is a Vishwa mother !

Bharat is a Vishwa mother !
Swami Vivekananda on India :-
• “India must conquer the World and nothing less than that is my ideal.”
• “To make a great future India, the whole secret lies in organization,
accumulation of power, co-ordination of wills.”
• “Renunciation, that is the flag, the banner of India, floating over the world,
the one undying thought which India sends again and again as a warning to
dying races, as a warning to all tyranny, as a warning to wickedness in the
• “Each nation must give in order to live. When you give life, you will have
life; when you receive, you must pay for it by giving to all others.”
• Renunciation conquered India in days of yore; it has still to conquer India.
Still it stands as the greatest and highest of Indian ideals – this renunciation.
• “Make way for the life-current of the nation. Take away the blocks that bar
the way to the progress of this mighty river, cleanse its path, dear the
channel, and out it will rush by its own natural impulse, and the nation will
go on careering and progressing”
• “With all my love for India, and with all my patriotism and veneration for
the ancients, I cannot but think that we have to learn many things from
other nations. We must be always ready to sit at the feet of all, for, mark
you, everyone can teach us great lessons. At the same time we must not
forget that we have also to teach a great lesson to the world.”

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Swami Vivekananda on India

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