Politician must get salary from government ! Let present generation take a call on Politician

Politician must get salary from government ! Let present generation take a call on Politician

Politic should be consider as a profession. Anna Hazare a Gandhian follower do India Against corruption made AKJ. what AKJ delivered as of now after holding a government body, first suspended his nearest and royalist leader, then made close all corrupted person surrounded by him. Law mistier proved submission of false document to election commission. every day he is doing drama. He should be a bollywood start first then come to politics, get little maturity from cinema that’s give him to be good administration.

Anna’s movement should be salary for all political parties leader instead of Lokpal some people says jokepal. Most of the all political parties leader serve the citizen but no one think for them. They do 24 hours job , no one pay them salary. So Most the political parties leader to lead their life they take frees or pranami from the visitor , one who need the service from them. Politician are very powerful every people know this, so people should think in proper direction on politician.

Politic should be registered as profession and government should pay them minimum ways on their service to people.

The leader must keep records of each case what they face every day and submit the report to local administration or local police. Leaders most of the time seems very strong people than any government local body. All the politician must have licence to practice politic. Government should provide them I card on the basis of their credential.

Now Indian have six national parties , thirty six state parties, three hundred twenty nine regional parties, up coming political parties twelve . http://www.elections.in/political-parties-in-india/

so in and around four hundred political parties are there. if you consider every body have a direction on development just Imagine how much powerful country India is ? four hundred parties are engaged for nation development. if all force work together with in one year India will most developed country in the world.


But in ground very rear political parties are working for the citizen of this country. Every leaders are having their inner desire to fulfill and mislead the common men.

Is it not best if Political parties leader consider as a public servant instead of threatening public servant. Let specify the role of political leader. Doctor job is specified, engineers job specified, police job specified, reporter job specified in the society , now come together to specify the job of a politician and give them salary to work honestly. Other ways people will consider all political parties leader are corrupted.

Need to control generating political parties every day , if required kindly change the law of this country to form a political party.

Should people consider as Anna Hazare as a forgotten hero on movement of Corruption! why the follower of Annna’s think they are most foolish people of India.

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