Nehru’s Birth day should be celebrate as an International Entertainment day or Western culture day instead of Children’s day

by ultadin | 23/09/2015 12:04 pm

It has been observed when you search in internet in the name Nehru the first prime minister of India you will get in hand that he is enjoying with different women, can it be accepted by the young India.

His love with nature or women can be accepted by the countrymen.
Daughter of Empire published in Friday’s Daily Mail by Lord Mountbatten daughter say her father was aware of his mother’s fondness for Nehru but did not interfere.


Edwina, wife of undivided India’s last viceroy, fell madly in love with the country and with Pandit Nehru, the first prime minister after independence, says Pamela Hicks, now 83.Daughter of Empire published in Friday’s Daily Mail say Lord Mountbatten was aware of his wife’s fondness for Nehru but did not interfere.

Mountbatten saw this too but let his wife get on with this new phase of her life, the daily quoted the book as saying. For him, Edwina’s new interest was a relief.

“Her new-found happiness released him from her relentless late-night recriminations, the constant accusations that he didn’t understand her and was ignoring her.”


Pamela says the four of them – father, mother, daughter and Nehru (who was a widower) – would walk out together but always with Edwina and Nehru together side by side up ahead.

“My father and I would tactfully fall behind when they were deep in conversation. But we did not, at any time, feel excluded.”

Mountbatten, she said, “trusted them both”.

In later years, Pamela pored over Nehru’s letters to her mother, “and I came to realise how deeply he and my mother loved each other”.

According to the author, it was a spiritual and intellectual relationship, not a sexual one.

“Neither had time to indulge in a physical affair, and anyway the very public nature of their lives meant they were rarely alone.”
According to Pamela, her father’s “complete lack of jealousy prevented our family from fragmenting”.

I Am Hindu By Accident — Jawahar Lal Nehru
On 14th November each year, we celebrate Mr. Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. We think (as we are taught in school) he was a simple and cheerful leader, a person who had a childlike nature, a great politician.
But what is the unknown side of our first Prime Minister? An Addict or an Entertainer or a Hindu merely by accident (in his own words)?
* Nehru gave birth to the problem of Kashmir & China.* Nehru had illegal relationships.* Nehru hated ‘Vande Mataram’.* Nehru was ready with a sword to oppose Subhash Chandra Bose!
Pandit (?) Jawaharlal Nehru
Chacha Nehru… Smoking with Edwina Mountbatten. ..And Nehru’s Birthday is Children’s day!The First Prime Minister of Bharat, Jawaharlal Nehru smoking with Lady Mountbatten! An addict like Nehru is not an ideal for the children in any way, yet we celebrate his birthday as ‘Childrens’ Day’! Projection of such a personality by the Congress calls for a Revolution!

After knowing the story of Nehru as per Indian culture can it be possible to celebrate 14th Nov as a children days better to consider as a enjoyment day or western culture day.

It is possible for a nationalist leader to accept their Grand father was not a freedom fight but a spy of British as well as womanizer.

Indian should consider Nehru Birth day as a Entertainment day or Western culture day instead of Children day !

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