West Bengal Could be a Industrial Hub !

West Bengal Could be a Industrial Hub !

Appeal to the the well wisher of Bengal and like minded people of Bengal Who wants only development !
Not interested in Akul , Gokul, Sukul , Dhiman, Sriman, and Kamta, Namita !!!
The people who wants movement to open all Industries of Bengal please be united! People of Bengal will not talk about Akul , Gokul, Sukul , Dhiman, Sriman, Kamta, Namita they will talk only development , it will be Industrial Development, Infrastructure development, Health improvement, Cultural development, Agricultural developments, improvement of quality of living style, Woman safety, religion safety,it is total development of Bengal and re-construction of Bengal.
People of Bengal has wasted huge time at tea shop , galli, Char rastar more, seminar, non political forum, political forum now the time has come to stand up and start movement against corruption and against un-justice for the people of Bengal, fight against conspiracy to close factory, Conspiracy against Intellectuals not to express their opinions, Conspiracy to drain all talent Bengali from their mother land.
Today,Twenty five lakhs employment opportunity is there in Bengal. The worker ,Technician, engineers and other unemployed people will not go to other state for job. No need only depend on school master job. Many sectors are there to generate the employments.
Industries of West Bengal !!!!
i) Jute Industries:-
1) there are around 59 jute mills in West Bengal, employing close to 400,000 (four lakhs) people. Many negative movements by the communist, now TMC all of them are in coma no life but not declare death.
Call all Industrialist, all trade union leader, Expert from different part of the world, call all financial Institution, call all machine supplier from different part of world, organised a closed door discussion and short out all the problems one by one.
1) Ask everyone to give their written solution/ suggestion.
2) If any Industrialist does not want to open Factory due to any reason let them sale the property to other Industrialist one who is ready to do business.
3) Instruct all trade union leader to stop negative politics, motivate them if required send them rehabilitation centre. Worker want their salary in time, they want justice of their work which has to well cared by Industrialist
4) Need repeated counselling of worker and give them a positive direction towards work, give them trust and faith of their social security.
5) All bank defaulter Industrialist must be given Notice to repay the loan if they are not in a position to repay the loan seize their property.
ii) Rehabilitate all Old Industrial zone: –
Asansol, Durgapur, Haldia, Kalyani , Howrah,Kolkata
1) Manikanchan SEZ ( Phase I and II) Gems & Jewellery Salt Lake, Kolkata
2)Shilpangan (Light Engineering Park) ( Phase I and II) Light Engg. Products.
3)Garment Park (Paridhan) Garments Kolkata 8.78
4)Food Park (Phase I & II) (Sudha Ras Food Park)Food processing Sankrail,
5) Kandua Food Park Food processing Sankaril, Howrah 52
6)Bengal Aerotropolis Project Aviation Durgapur – Asansol, Dist. Burdwan
7)Raghunathpur Steel & Allied Industrial Park – I Iron & Steel, Cement and Power
8)Raghunathpur Steel & Allied Industrial Park – II Iron & Steel, Cement and Power
9) Poly Park Polymer products Sankrail, Howrah 60
10) Rubber Park Rubber footwear, hoses, tubes, automotive rubber products
11) Plasto Steel Park (Phase – I & II) Iron & Steel and Plastic products Borjora,
12) Foundry Park ( Phase I and II) Castings, Forgings and other Foundry items Sankrail, Howrah
13) Vidyasagar Industrial Park Engineering and manufacturing Kharagpur,
14)Raghunathpur Steel & Allied Industrial Park Iron & Steel, Cement and Power
15) Panagarh Industrial Park Engineering and manufacturing Panagarh,
16) Shalboni Industrial Park Iron & Stee Shalboni, Pashchim Mediniporel
17) Godapiasal Industrial Park Cement Godapiasal Pashchim Medinipore
18)Salanpur Industrial Park Iron & Steel Salanpur, Bardhaman 2550
19) Ranigunj Aluminium & Non-ferrous Metals Park Aluminium Smelter Plant & Power Plant Raniganj, Bardhaman 1500.00
20) Rishi Bankim Industrial Park Multi product Naihati, 24 Parganas (N) 163.38
iii) Boost Tea and tourism Industry:-
Darjeeling tea is world famous but it is most neglected by the state government. The state government can earn huge money from tea Industries.
IV) Coal and allied Industries
Coal and allied Industries having very important role in the state economy. Ranigang area must be focus.
v) Shipyard and Haldia port: –
Rehabilitate all shipyard mafia. Welcome all heavy ship in Haldia and Kolkata port. Focus to make Kolkata as a Capital of Eastern India. Mind it once Kolkata was a Capital of India.
Vi) Handloom in West Bengal :-
Total No. of Handlooms: – 3.51 lakh
Employment:-6.67 Lakh persons (Direct &Indirect)
Total focus in handloom sector in West Bengal
Vii) Call hind motor management and want their opinion how to continue production if modification is required do the modification and want central government support to resolve the problems.
viii) Discuss with Tata about their present opinion to do Industries if they not interested request them to resale the land to State government or any other Industrialist to do the Industries.
x) Reopen Hind motor
Xi) Thousand of Industries are closed here.
i) Jute Industries, ii) Rehabilitate all Old Industrial zone iii) Boost Tea Industry iv) Coal and allied Industries v) Shipyard and Haldia port vi) Handloom in West Bengal vii) Hind motor Viii) Discuss with Tata about their present opinion to do Industries if they not interested request them to resale the land to State government or any other Industrialist to do the Industries.
In an around twenty five lakhs employment generation will be there, west Bengal will not be dependent on foreign Investment.
It has been observed that the state leadership is busy on unwanted incident of Bengal but people want to see light of hope. it is enough for them to bear all un-Justice. Why state leadership do not have any agenda of development? Why State leadership is highly depend on Delhi ??? Why state leadership is not doing progressive movement ???? Why they are seems very very non active ???
“Rastriya Swayamsevak Sangh is only way to revive all old Industries !

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