Gandhi encouraged sins, crimes and Adharma

Gandhi encouraged sins, crimes and Adharma

Dharma has been the bed rock of Indian life and culture. This term Dharma is comprehensive, all embracing and does not need any adjective and has no equivalent in other languages. Dharma is based on ethical and spiritual values, is eternal and universal, Manu the law giver, mentions attributes of Dharm in Manusmriti:

That is Courage, Forgiveness, Firmness of mind, No theft, Purity in dealings, Restraining of senses, intelligence, Knowledge, Truth and renouncing Anger. One can see that all these attributes in an individual would make him an ideal person. Similarly, our ancient book on spiritualism the “Patanjali Yoga Dharshan” mentions five Yama and five Niyama for spiritual life. These are Ahimasa (non-violence) Satya (Truth) Asteya (No theft). Brahmacharya (Life of celibacy). Aparigraha (non acceptance of others belongings), shauchya (Purity of mind and body), Santosha (Patienct), Tapah (bearing hardships for high ideals). Swadhyaya (Study of spiritual literature and introspection), Ishwaraprinidhan (Submission to God). All these virtues make an individual an ideal human being. These are the fundamentals of Dharma of Hindu Dharma as it called today.

But Gandhi placed all the cruel and sinful acts of religions specially the Islam, on the same pedestal as Dharma. According to Gandhi, all religions, Hinduism (in fact Hindu is not religion but Dharma), Islam and Christianity etc., are different paths for achieving salvation or God. Now Islam teaches slaughter of cows and other animals and that too inside a mosque, and they consider it as pious thing. If there si some restriction on slaughter of cows, then the whole community would revolt with one voice that Islam is in danger. Again the one who does not have faith in Koran and Mohammed: is a Kafir or “Infidel.” Killing, looting, abducting their women, and converting them by violence is Jehad or holy war and is a sure way to Heaven. Keeping four wives at a time, and shunting out any one of them any time by uttering Talaak-Talaak three times, is also essential part of Islam. If some law to check these unethical practices is proposed, the entire Muslim community would oppose it in the name of Islam. And according to Gandhi, all Muslims specially the males, would get heaven by following these practices, as by doing so they would be following their religion. That is why, the Gandhian government of India has legally provided these facilities to male Muslims. Any political party, which wants to reform these law is anti-Muslim and Hindu Fundamentalist, narrow minded in the eyes of Gandhians. It is because of this very reason that truly nationalist parties like BJP (Bharatiya Janta Party) is denounced by Gandhians as anti Muslim communal outfit: and propagated so in the whole world. No normal person would believe, that two persons following opposite direction could reach the same goal. But Gandhi did believe in it. This shows, how poor Gandhi was in logic and sense of proportion.

So far as the Hindus are concerned, even the most illiterate would accept that everybody has to reap the results of his or her good and bad deeds, may be in this life or next birth. That no one should do cruelty on any living being, and treat all women as mothers except his own wife. That God is Mother and Father of all and all are brothers and sisters. Due to these lofty ideals of Hindu Dharma. Hindus as a whole are civilized, tolerant and compassionate in their treatment with everyone, even enemies. But on the contrary religious specially Islam preaches hatred against all non Muslims.


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