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Prominent Persons Comments On The Moplah Rebellion

Moplah outrage upon a large number of peaceful, unarmed and unprepared Hindus can easily be corroborated by independent testimony.

A redoubtable source straight from the ground on which the Moplahs committed their atrocities was the proceedings of a conference held at Calicut presided over by the Zamorin of Calicut, the Ruler of Malabar. To quote:
“That the conference views with indignation and sorrow the attempts made at various quarters by interested parties to ignore or minimise the crimes committed by the rebels such as:
(a) Brutally dishonouring women
(b) Flaying people alive
(c) Wholesale slaughter of men, women and children
(d) Burning alive entire families
(e) Forcibly converting people in thousands and slaying those who refused to get converted
(f) Throwing half dead people into wells and leaving the victims to struggle for escape till finally released from their suffering by death
(g) Burning a great many and looting practically all Hindu and Christian houses in the disturbed areas in which even Moplah women and children took part and robbed women of even the garments on their bodies, in short reducing the whole non-Muslim population to abject destitution.
(h) Cruelly insulting the religious sentiments of the Hindus by desecrating and destroying numerous temples in the disturbed areas, killing cows within the temple precincts putting their entrails on the holy image and hanging skulls on the walls and the roofs.

Lord Reading, The Viceroy said: “A few European and many Hindus have been murdered, communications have been obstructed; government offices burnt and looted and public records have been destroyed. Hindu temples have been sacked and plundered, houses of Europeans and Hindus burnt. According to reliable reports Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam. One of the most fertile tracts of South India is faced with serious famine. The result has been the temporary collapse of the Civil Government and offices and courts have ceased to function and ordinary business has been brought to a standstill. European and Hindu refugees of all classes are concentrated at Calicut and it is satisfactory to note that they are safe there. One trembles to think of the consequences if the forces of order had not prevailed for the protection of Calicut. Those who are responsible for causing this grave outbreak of violence and crime must be brought to justice and made to suffer the punishment of the guilty.”

A statement refers to the misdeeds of the Muslim Moplahs in these words: “Their wanton and unprovoked attack on the Hindus, the all but wholesale looting of their houses in Ernad etc, the forcible conversion of Hindus in the beginning of the Moplah rebellion and the wholesale conversion of those who stuck to their homes in later stages, the brutal murder of inoffensive Hindus without the slightest reason except that they are “Kafirs” or belonged to the same religion as the policemen, who their mosques, burning of Hindu temples, the outrage on Hindu women and their forcible conversion and marriage by the Moplahs.”



This is how K R Phanda described Gandhi in the April 2008 issue of Jana Sangh Today, a monthly magazine of the Akhil Bharatiya Jana Sangh in New Delhi.

Gandhi’s slavish infatuation for the Moplahs was total. He remained unshaken because of his unctuous submissiveness for the barbarous Moplahs. He had nothing but total contempt for the peace- loving Hindus of India.

Contrast the slave-minded Gandhi with Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (1883-1966) an ardent freedom fighter, revolutionary and thinker who is credited with developing the Hindu nationalist political ideology called Hindutva. Savarkar was quite unconcerned about the Muslim reaction to his scheme. He was not perturbed by the Muslim refusal to join in the struggle for Swaraj. He was very conscious of the ancient spiritual strength of the Hindus and the organizing power of the Hindu Maha Sabha and proposed to carry on the struggle, immensely confident that, even alone and unaided, the Hindus will be able to wrest Swaraj from the British. Savarkar was quite prepared to say to the Musalmans: “If you come, with you, if you don’t, without you; and if you oppose, in spite of you—the Hindus will continue to fight for their national freedom as best as they can.” Contrast this with Gandhi, the alleged “apostle of nonviolence”, who on many occasions, decried forceful conversion as a terribly violent act. But regarding the forceful conversion by the Moplahs, he preferred to remain mum.

Gandhi, with his submissive mentality to the abusive Muslims, propagated the lie in ‘Young India’ that the Moplahs, during the said rampage, had converted only a single Hindu to Islam.

Most shamefully Gandhi described the killing of the innocent Hindus by the Moplahs as a heroic deed. In addition to that, he asked the Hindus, for the sake of humanity, not to retaliate.

M.K Gandhi with his twisted mind put forth his political thesis to the effect that every Muslim is a bully and every Hindu is a coward. This was the very basis of Gandhi’s NON-VIOLENCE! Since, according to Gandhi, the Hindu was a coward who will refuse to fight, the Hindu might as well resort to verbal sophistry and high sounding philosophy and justify his lack of violence. Gandhi never believed that the Hindu is capable of fighting his oppressor, so he wanted the Hindus to make a virtue of their inability and unwillingness to fight! If you are a rape victim, then the next time you see the rapist, don’t wait for the rapist to attack you, drop your pants, bend and wait for the rapist to come over and have his way with you. Gandhi’s NON-VIOLENCE was nothing but ‘GANDHIAN’ COWARDICE in the face of the mindless Muslim violence!

Gandhi hid his cowardice under the quack doctrine of Non-Violence, which he took care only to preach to the Hindus and never to his Muslim “Brothers”. He believed himself liberal but was on actual fact afraid of Muslims and he consistently pleaded for the Muslims and pampered them. [‘Anti-Hindus’, by Prafull Goradia and K.R.Phanda. Contemporary Targett Prafull Private Limited, pages 4, 5.] Unfortunately for Gandhi and the Hindus of India, it was a stupid sort of one-sided unrequited love towards the Muslim marauders of India.

On the one hand he called every Hindu a coward and on the other hand he exhorted all the Hindus to remain calm and non-violent even when they were under attack by the marauding Muslims intent on slaughter, loot, gang-rapes and forced conversions. According to Shri V. Sundaram I.A.S,: “Gandhi demonstrated his readiness to sacrifice or sell out vital Hindu interests, Hindu honor and Hindu blood all the time in deference to the feelings of Muslims. Gandhi displayed all his courage only to suppress the Hindus. He was mortally scared of jihadi Muslims. So was Jawaharlal Nehru. Therefore Gandhi had no moral sanction to talk about the cowardice of the Hindus.”

“Gandhi represented the perpetrators of vile deeds as god-fearing people! Was it not a travesty of religion to described men who murder and rape in the name of religion as god-fearing? … Gandhi thus described the Moplah ferocity as the ignorant fanaticism of the Moplah brothers, and the Hindu mentality as cowardliness.” (Mahatma Gandhi, D Keer, pp-402).

Devoid of all sense of decency, propriety, honour and shame, Gandhi deplored the British colonial administration for taking stern action to suppress the savage Islamic jihad against the Hindus of Malabar conducted by the Moplahs.

A Muslim called Khlifa Haji Mehmud of Lurwani, Sindh, once said “Gandhi was really a Mohammedan” (D Keer, p-237).

There is no doubt that the treacherous Gandhi, by supporting the Moplahs, instigated the Muslims to launch attacks on the Hindus in Punjab, Bengal and in other places in the wake of partition. With all due apologies to Shakespeare, I would have to state that all the perfumes of Arabia would not wash the smell of innocent Malabar Hindu blood from Gandhi’s hands!

“After the carnage by the Moplahs, “Maulana” Gandhi started raising money from common people to help, not the Hindu victims, but for the Muslim perpetrators. Many believe that it would have been immensely beneficial for the country, had Gandhi been assassinated at that time.” says Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari.

Mr M.K Gandhi gave this callous, sadistic and barbarous message he gave to the Hindu victims of Moplah rebellion in Young India of 29 September, 1921: “The ending of the Moplah revolt is a matter not only of urgency, but of simple humanity. The Hindus must have the courage and the faith to feel that they can protect their religion in spite of such fanatical eruptions. … Be the Moplahs be ever so bad, they deserve to be treated as human beings.”

To quote the appropriate words of Prafull Goradia in this context: “For Gandhi, no price was too great for appeasing Muslims, so that they did not oppose Hindus. That he did not understand the Muslims was proved by the conduct of the Muslim League and by the vivisection of the country.” The price for Gandhi’s Hindu-Muslim unity was always to be paid by the Hindus.

After the Mutiny of 1857, the incidence of Hindu-Muslim riots in India had come down sharply. By lending support to the Khilafat Movement of Ali Brothers in 1920, Gandhi inaugurated a new era of a fresh wave of Muslim violence on Hindus.

This inherent impending danger was clearly foreseen by Sir Chettur Sankaran Nair (1857-1934), a native of Malabar, President of Indian National Congress in 1897 and Law Member of the Viceroy’s Executive Council in 1922.

In his book prophetically titled as ‘Gandhi and Anarchy’ published by Tagore and Company, Madras in 1922 he wrote: ‘It is impossible to believe that Gandhi and his adherents are not aware that this claim of the Mohammedans to be judged only by the Law of the Koran, is a claim which is the fons et origo of all Khilafat claims of whatever kind. It is well to be clear about this, for not only does the acceptance of the claim of Khilafat as regards India means a real denial of Swaraj, but it also involves Mohammedan rule and Hindu subjection.”

During the Moplah rebellion in Kerala in 1921, thousands of Hindu men, women and children were killed by the Muslims. Hundreds of women were raped. And yet Gandhi supported the Moplahs and not the Hindu victims of Moplah violence and oppression. In fact Gandhi had no sympathy for the Hindus at all.

The great political fraud, the ‘saintly’ hypocrite, also known as the Mahatma, wrote in his ‘Young India’, “it is wrong to say that Islam has employed force. No religion in this world has spread through the use of force. No Musalman, to my knowledge, has ever approved of compulsion.” According to Gandhi, the Moplah Muslims were guilty of no crime absolutely!

“For sheer brutality on women, I do not remember anything in history to match the Malabar rebellion. It broke out on 20 August, 1921. Even by the 6 September, the results were dreadful. There was complete breakdown of Civil Government resulting in widespread disorder, in political chaos, in anarchy and in ruin.” wrote Sir Sankaran Nair.

Dr (Mrs.) Annie Besant wrote a series of articles in her journal ‘New India’ on 29 November and 6 December 1921 under the caption Malabar’s Agony. Annie Besant (Unlike Mr M.K Gandhi) actually visited the affected areas of Malabar soon after the Moplah rebellion in 1921 and wrote a series of powerful articles about the carnage let loose by the Moplah Muslims which opened the eyes of the government of India and that of Britain. She challenged the stand taken by Mahatma Gandhi on the peaceful and humanitarian overtures of the Moplah Muslims towards non-Muslims in Malabar. I will reproduce her articles in my later posts.

The savagery of the Moplah riots evoked such widespread horror and revulsion that a Committee of Distinguished Citizens was appointed to tour the affected areas. The Committee consisted of K P Keshava Menon, Secretary Kerala Provincial Committee, T V Mohammed, Secretary, Ernad Khilafat Committee, K Madhavan Nair, Secretary, Calicut District Congress Committee and K V Gopal Menon. In their fact-finding report they concluded: “Truth is infinitely of more paramount importance than Hindu Muslim unity or Swaraj and therefore we tell the Maulana Sahib and his co-religionists and India’s revered leader Mahatma Gandhi – if he too is unaware of the events here – that atrocities committed by the Moplahs on the Hindus are unfortunately too true and that there is nothing in the deeds of Moplah rebels which a true non-violent, non-co-operator can congratulate them for … Their wanton and unprovoked attack on the Hindus, the all but wholesale looting of their houses in Ernad, Valluvanad, Poanmani and Calicut Tali; the forcible conversion of Hindus in a few places in the beginning of the rebellion and the wholesale conversion of those who stick to their homes in the later stages, the brutal murder of inoffensive Hindus, men, women and children in cold blood without the slightest reason except that they are Kafirs or belong to the same race as the policemen, who insulted their Tangals or entered their mosques, the desecration and burning of Hindu temples, the outrage on Hindu women and their forcible conversion and marriage by Moplahs; do these and similar atrocities proved beyond the shadow of a doubt by the statements recorded by us from the actual sufferers who have survived, deserve any congratulations? On the other hand, should they not call forth the strongest condemnation from all right minded men and more especially from a representative body of Mohamedans like the Khilafat conference pledged to non-violence under all provocation? Did the Moplahs, who committed such atrocities, sacrifice their lives in the cause of their religion?”

The Congress leaders disgraced themselves at first by disbelieving these heart-rending stories relating to Moplah atrocities, with Duratma Gandhi leading the Anti-Hindu and Pro- Moplah Brigade!’

At the insistence of Duratma Gandhi the Working Committee of the Congress shamelessly whitewashed the criminal atrocities committed by the Moplah Muslims against the Hindus of Malabar by passing the following resolution:
“The Working Committee places on record its sense of deep regret over the deeds of violence done by Moplahs in certain areas of Malabar, these deeds being evidence of the fact that there are still people in India who have not understood the message of the Congress and the Central Khilafat Committee, and calls upon every Congress and Khilafat worker to spread the message of non-violence even under the gravest provocation throughout the length and breadth of India. Whilst, however, condemning violence on the part of the Moplas, the working Committee desires it to be known that the evidence in its possession shows that provocation beyond endurance was given to the Moplas and that the reports published by and on behalf of the Government have given a one-sided and highly exaggerated account of the wrongs done by the Moplas and an understatement of the needless destruction of life resorted to by the Government in the name of peace and order.”

Swami Shradhanand (1856-1926) an Arya Samaj missionary who played a key role on the Hindu Sangathan (consolidation) and the Shuddhi (re-conversion) reform movement had a weekly journal called the ‘Liberator’. Swami Shradhanand wrote in the Liberator of 26th August 1926: “The original resolution condemned the Moplas wholesale for the killing of Hindus and burning of Hindu homes and the forcible conversion to Islam. The Hindu members themselves proposed amendments till it was reduced to condemning only certain individuals who had been guilty of the above crimes. But some of the Moslem leaders could not bear this even. Maulana Fakir and other Maulanas, of course, opposed the resolution and there was no wonder. But I was surprised, an out-and-out Nationalist like Maulana Hasrat Mohani opposed the resolution on the ground that the Mopla country no longer remained Dar-ul-Aman but became Dar-ul-Harab and they suspected the Hindus of collusion with the British enemies of the Moplas. Therefore, the Moplas were right in presenting the Quran or sword to the Hindus. And if the Hindus became Mussalmans to save themselves from death, it was a voluntary change of faith and not forcible conversion—Well, even the harmless resolution condemning some of the Moplas was not unanimously passed but had to be accepted by a majority of votes only.

Though the Subjects Committee meeting proposed to condemn out right the Moplah violence, the resolution finally adopted by the Congress Working Committee put the blame of “provocation beyond endurance given to the Moplahs” on the unarmed Hindus who were disembowelled, dismembered and done to death.


At the annual session of the Khilafat Conference in 1923, the President of the session, Maulana Shaukat Ali, the “Muslim Brother” of our so-called Mahatma, praised the Moplahs for their jihad or Islamic religious violence against the Kaffir Hindus. Then the Maulana Shaukat Ali, concealing his Islamic pride, concedes that “some Hindus may have suffered at the hands of the Moplahs”, but then he quickly claims that this horrific event is a “closed book” and publicly announced loud and clear that he and his brother Maulana Muhammad Ali would provide for the maintenance of Moplah orphans.

The Hindus in the Congress did not come forward to help the victims of the Muslim genocide against the Hindus. The Congress Hindus did not want to be labeled “communal”, their minds being so thoroughly enslaved by the evangelical British colonials and their Macaulayized English education that the Congress Dhimmi Hindus felt it a crime to help a suffering fellow Hindu.

Through their Suddhi Movement, the Arya Samaji converted over 2000 Hindus who had been forcibly converted to Islam by the Moplahs. However their leader, the Venerable Swami Shraddhananda had to pay with his life for this service to Sanatana Dharma. The aged Swami was stabbed on 23 December 1926 by another of Gandhi’s “loved Muslim Brothers”, one Islamic terrorist named Abdul Rashid.

On 19 November 1921, about 100 Moplah prisoners were sent by train from Malabar to Coimbatore. They were packed in goods wagons which, of course, had no ventilation. So, when the doors were opened after a five hours’ journey, the prisoners were found to be in a state of collapse, with horrible wounds inflicted by bites and bows in one another by the struggling men. In all, 82 men died. The Congress, which on hearing from its own Committee about the genocide on the Hindus of Malabar by the savage Moplahs glossed over that horror with a mere pat on the back for the Hindu victims was outraged at the treatment the Muslim Moplah mass murderers and rapists received at the hands of the British Indian Police! The Congress immediately passed a resolution declaring that it was ‘an act of inhumanity unheard of in modern times and unworthy of a Government that calls itself civilized’.

While commenting on Gandhi and his policy of Muslim appeasement, behind the façade of non-violence, Sri Aurobindo once said, “India will be free to the extent it succeeds in shaking off the spell of Gandhism.”

The matter did not end here. Due to perpetual insistence by the treacherous Gandhi, the Moplah rogues, who died in police encounter, were later on declared martyrs of the freedom struggle and were allowed to receive allowance, like other freedom fighters, from the government exchequer, after independence and the practice is still in vogue.

The Muslim fanatics who were at the front of the Hindu massacre during the course of the Moplah Rebellion are now christened as freedom fighters and comrades, respectively, by the Congress-led coalition as well as the Communist traitor coalition of political parties in Kerala.

E.M.S Namboothiripad, the Chinese stooge and Marxist traitor in Kerala, created Malappuram as a Muslim-majority district in Kerala, so that the jihadis could start their next partition of India unhindered.

The traitor then gave the genocidal Moplah jihadi rebellion a Marxist class struggle cover by painting that Second Jihad against the Hindus of Malabar as an agrarian labour unrest!!! AGRARIAN LABOUR UNREST, MY BLOODY FOOT!!!

Following the tradition set by masochist Gandhi, the so called secular politicians and liberal English media in Mumbai observe Moplah Day every year and take out procession and hold public meetings in honour of the savages who raped the mothers and grandmothers of the Hindus in Malabar.

According to Smt. K.P Sasikala Teacher, President of Hindu Aikya Vedi, Kerala, “Using public funds the Marxists built memorials for the genocidal jihadi rape-warriors of Moplah Rebellion.
The Hindus of Malabar who have seen
their mothers and sisters raped and carried away as sex slaves,
their fathers and older male relatives flayed alive, burnt alive,
dismembered, disemboweled and done to death
have, now, to perforce, walk past the State-Funded Memorials to jihadi aggressors, with their heads bent in eternal humiliation and indelible disgrace”.

If the Muslim marauders gang-rape the Hindu women and slaughter the Hindu men en masse, then it is merely due to their “non-understanding the message of the Congress”, but if those Muslim rape-warriors get their just dues at the hands of Destiny, the Congress reacts in horror! So it seems the anti-Hindu “Secularism” of the Congress has come down from the pre-Independence times.

The political leader who clearly saw through the Islam-embracing game of Mahatma Gandhi in the years before our independence was Dr B R Ambedkar.

Dr B R Ambedkar described the Muslim Appeasement of Gandhi succinctly: “Gandhi has never called the Muslims to account even when they have been guilty of gross crimes against Hindus. It is a notorious fact that many prominent Hindus who had offended the religious susceptibilities of the Muslims either by their writings or by their part in the Shudhi Movement have been murdered by some fanatic Musalmans. The leading Muslims never condemned these criminals. On the contrary, they were hailed as religious martyrs…. This attitude of the Muslims is understandable. What is not understandable is the attitude of Mr. Gandhi”


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