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A. 10,000BCE or older !!!!!

During colonial era, many western historians with Eurocentric and biased approach have deliberately underestimated the age of Rigvedic period as less than 1500 BC and propagated the myth of Aryan invasion on Indus valley civilization. There is a need for scientific and unbiased assessment of the age of Vedic era in the light of latest satellite data, archaeological studies and other evidence like Vedic astronomy etc. Recent studies have proven that Vedic civilization was the oldest civilization than Sumerian or Mesopotamian or Old Babylonian (3500 BC to 620 BC), Egyptian (3150 BC to 300 BC) Mayan civilization (3114 BC to 250 AD) and Chinese civilization (2500 BC to 221 BC).

Fortunately, enough literary evidence about Vedic Civilization is available today. Vedic literature (Vedic Samhitas) is an authentic and reliable source through which Vedic civilization must be studied. Saraswati the greatest and the holiest river is mentioned more than 60 times in nine of the ten Mandalas (Chapters) of Rigveda and Drishadvati River is also mentioned in Rig Veda. Saraswati had dried up around 3500 BC as proven by the analysis of latest satellite data and Drishadvati dried up around 2600 BC. Rigveda mentioned about the occurrence of vernal equinox in Mrigashirā Nakshatra which leads to 4500 BC. Therefore, it can be construed that Rigveda may belong to earlier civilization before the rise of civilizations of Sumerian, Mesopotamian, Babylonian & Egyptian and Indus valley civilization was part of advanced (middle or later) Vedic period. Indus valley civilization (3500 BC to 1300 BC) which was flourished between Sindhu (Indus) and Saraswati Rivers has enough archaeological evidence suggesting the advanced Vedic civilization.

by Rayvi Kumar

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