Hearing about the plight of his daughters, Daksha became furious.  More than the grief of his daughters, it was Chandra’s disloyalty and breaking of Dharma that burnt him in wrath.  He at once sent for Chandra, his son-in-law. A heated exchange of arguments ensued between them.  At the end Daksha cursed Chandra, thus:“May all your beauty, which is the primary cause of your arrogance and pride, vanish and may you be an ugly leper whom people abhor to look at!” Chandra instantly became an ugly creature as cursed by Daksha.
Narad thereafter went straight to Kailasa to salute Lord Shiva. The Lord was highly pleased to see saint Narad after a long interval.  “Welcome, saint Narad,” addressed the Lord: “Your meeting has become a rare fortune these days. What news?”“Narayana…Narayana…” Replied saint Narada:“Bhagwan, salute unto your holy feet.  Goddess Parvati, salutes unto you too.” Then Narad politely asked a counter question: “Prabhu Maheswara, you create all the news in the whole Universe and the source of all incidents originate from you.  Why do you then tempt us mortals with your illusions, O Lord?”“Narad,” said the Lord:  “You keep travelling constantly all around the world and we sit here in Kailasa stationary.   How do we come to know of the developments in the world as instantly as you do?”


Values for Life : Misunderstanding should be removed at the earliest since they are the main source of fight.

“Narayan…Narayan…” replied saint Narad: “Wonderful, Bhagwan!  You are stationary and therefore are ignorant.  I am a wanderer and am omniscient.  Very right my Lord.  You are stationary but all the five basic elements, the sky, the earth, the fire, the water and the ether  –  all these derive from you.  The Sun, the Stars and the Moon shine at your orders.  You are the minutest particle of the atoms while the Cosmos sleeps in your abdomen.  Narayan…Narayan…”
“Where are you coming from right now, saint?” “Lord, presently I am coming from Chandraloka.” “What is the news there?”“Good you asked me Lord, although you are aware of the whole episode.”  Said Narada: “It is a pity that your father-in-law cursed Chandra, your co-brother who has become deformed and ugly now for no fault of his own.  This is a grave injustice.  Daksha’s snobbishness is growing day by day.  He is under the vanity that he is the Supreme Being and nobody is above him.  Narayan…Narayan…”“Saint Narada, good you told me.” The Lord ordered His men: “Call Chandra here.  Let us hear about it directly from him.”Chandra, the moon appeared instantly, but Lord Shiva could not recognise him.  Chandra walked forward and saluted at the feet of Shiva.  “What is the reason for this transformation?” Then Chandra narrated the entire episode.  The Lord was convinced.  It is a herculean task to please with love and affection and satisfy even one wife.  Where is the question of pleasing twenty-seven by one at a time?Moved by the supplication of Chandra, Lord Shiva restored Chandra to his former state.  He became happy, satisfied and loyal to the Lord.
Narada instantly fled towards Daksha. “Narayan…Narayan…” He addressed Daksha and told him:  “What does this Shiva, your grand-son, think of him?  It seems he has no manners, protocol and decorum.  Who is he to release Chandra from your curse?  Narayan…Narayan…”
Hearing about this new development, Daksha became furious.  He dashed towards Kailasa and faced Lord Shiva.  The arguments brought them to the verge of a fight.  The whole world including the Devas, the demi-gods, the saints and others were terrified and were in panic. Just then Narada reached there.   “Narayan…Narayan…What is this Daksha?  What is this Lord?  Be calm.  No fight between the learned father-in-law and the Lord of the Universe.   Come to peace, please…Narayan…Narayan…” He then put forward a suggestion which was acceptable to both sides.  Accordingly Chandra was divided into two.  He would be black (Krishna Paksha – the fortnight from dark lunar) for fourteen days and silver for another fourteen (Sukla Paksha – the bright lunar fortnight). Thus the deadly war was averted by saint Narad.
The silver moon fell at the feet of the Lord and became a crescent.  The Lord with mercy and love took it and adorned on the tuft of his hairs.  Thus the Lord became Chandrasekhara! This encounter had deepened the already worsened relationship between the father-in-law and the son-in-law.

K K Shanmukhan


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