Direct Action Day-16 August 1946- The Great Calcutta Killing

Direct Action Day-16 August 1946- The Great Calcutta Killing

One instance*Hindus paid by lives*Muslim got Pakistan
(Following article is published in India World Geopolitics (from New York) August 15 special edition)
The day 16th August 1946 still has special place in my mind, because that day was marked by Mohammad Ali Jinnah as Direct Action day for creating Pakistan.As a preparation of Direct Action day,an article was published in the nick name ‘Shahid’ in The Statesman May 8-46.The article which named ‘Day of Deliverance’ stated that –Bloodshed and violence are not necessarily evil in themselves if resorted to for a noble cause.Among Muslim no cause is dearer or nobler than creation of Pakistan,cutting out land from India.
The author of the article is Shahid Sohrawarrdi,the then chief Minister of Bengal from Muslim League.On the onset of Direct Action day ,Jinnah commented ‘Today we have forged a pistol and are in the position to use it.’On 1st August Khawaja Nazimuddin called the Muslim Youths to join the Muslim National Guard.On 5th August he called the youths in the conference of Muslim National League at the Muslim Institute and Invited them to obey the directives of the Islam and Holy Quran.He gave the call on 11th August 1946 ‘It is very fortunate for the league that the struggle is beginning in the holy month of Ramadan.It was in this Ramadan month that Allah instructed to begin the Jihad. Nazimuddin added that Muslim league does not believe in non violence.
Mohammad Usman the then mayor of Kolkata distributed a leaflet in Urdu which stated –Don’t leave your hope.Take up your sword.Oh infidel,your destruction is not very far.A picture of Jinnha with sword in his hand was printed on the leaflet.
To setup for the Direct Action Day,all Hindu police officers were transferred from each and every police station of Calcutta,where league supporting Muslim officers were posted.Sohrawardi himself took charge of Lalbazar Police headquater’s control.
Muslim league called for a meeting in Esplanade on 16th. Armed with weapons the hooligans arrived at the dawn.From there they spread out in different direction towards Hindu areas and pounced upon the timid Hindus.Mass slaughter,looting firing,savage rape started.This torment continued for three days.About 14,000 Hindus were killed in 3-4 days There is no account how many woman were raped and kidnapped.Even street dog and vultures had no appetite for the dead bodies scattered on the streets of Calcutta.From fourth day Hindus and Sikhs jointly started protecting,Muslim league felt warned.Then they appointed the armed forces to save Muslim from retribution.
On the direct action day the second city of Bengal and headquarters of the Muslim League,Dhaka,also faced violent attack on Hindus.I was at that time a resident of Dhaka.After 4-5days of riot it was seen that the dead bodies of the Hindus were carried in a truck and brought to a railway line between wari and Titukhali under police supervision.The bodies included male female as well as children.The children bodies did not have heads.It seemed their little heads were smashed by hitting against light posts or something like thatTrucks full of dead bodies were brought everyday…..we took off the bodies for the completion of funeral rituals. A cover was speared on the trucks to prevent blood stain we used to the naked bodies by holding their hands and legs from the truck but tightly covering our faces with towels.9-10inches of blood was clotted on the truck in which our feet were immersed.One day a deadbody of a 22-23 year woman was brought which was fully naked.Moreover flesh from her breast and lower abdomen was bitten off by human teeth.An old man among us fainted on seeing this.I took many photographs of these bodies.One of these was published in ‘My People Uprooted’ by Sri Tathagata Roy and ‘Syamaprasad O BangaBibvag’ by Sri Dinesh Sinha.After some days the situation become quiet,schools and colleges were reopened and we joined the classes.Some of our classmates close relative of league leaders.We asked them that why were the dead bodies sent to posh area like Wari and Titukhali instead of burning them in the Hindu burning ghat at Burigangaga river in Shyampurghat.They answered-League has purposefully done this to frighten the Hindus and they will have to face the same consequences if Pakistan was not given.Their view came true within a few days.The Aristocratic Hindus of Dhaka started to take refuge with their relatives to India from January 1947.
Almost each and every butchery was horrific.A muslim classmate told that in Muslim KaltaBazar area of Dhaka,3 Nepali police policeman on patrol duty. The League terrorist pounced upon Nepalese suddenly.Two escaped but one was held.They consulted a few Islamic ways to kill him.At last they unanimously decided to silt across his throat and chest with a meat chopper and implemented their plan.In this way,the Nepalese infidel sent to hell.
Calcutta Hindu killings stopped when fight back by Hindus and Sikhs spread out and relations of Biharis dead in Kolkata riot reacted in Bihar.
Hindus of Bengal who were in minority,always subjugated by Muslim League Government paid the price of being peaceful and tolerant by their savage deaths.British Empire allowed these killing of Hindus to continue…….
(photo:Author himself had taken this photo of Hindu victims of Direct Action of 1946)

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