The oldest temple in Kashmir: JYESTHESHWARA ~ on SHANKARACHARYA HILLS … of 2200BCE !!!

The oldest temple in Kashmir: JYESTHESHWARA ~ on SHANKARACHARYA HILLS … of 2200BCE !!!



Jyeshteswara : The oldest temple in Kashmir, Jyeshta Rudra, was found on the top of the Shankaracharya Hill standing one thousand feet above the plain, it commands a noble view of the Valley and its surrounding ridges of snow-topped peaks…The Temple of Jyeshteswara rests on the solid rock, and consists of an octagonal stone basement twenty feet high, on which is supported a square building: on each of the four sides are two projections which terminate in a pediment and a gable, the latter intersecting the main roof half-way up its slope.

The terrace surrounding the Temple is reached by a stone staircase encased between two walls, and a doorway , exactly opposite, leads to the interior, which is a small and dark chamber, circular in plan. The ceiling is supported by four octagonal columns, which surround a Basin containing a Lingam encircled by a snake.’ Commanding a panoramic view of the city of Srinagar and Dal Lake, this temple with its square plan, recessed sides and circular inner sanctum is one of the earliest Hindu shrines remaining in Kashmir, dedicated to Shiva, but as yet not firmly dated.

It is believed was founded by Ashoka’s son Jhaloka. It is popularly called Shankaracharya after the 2200BCE century Hindu philosopher-sage who visited Kashmir and is associated with it.

It is called ‘The Takt-i-Suliman Hill overlooking Srinagar, the capital of Kashmir;

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