List of Mosques in various states which were built after demolishing Hindu temples

List of Mosques in various states which were built after demolishing Hindu temples
We give below, state-wise and district-wise, the particulars of Muslim monuments which stand on the sites and/or have been built with the materials of Hindu temples, and which we wish to recall as witnesses to the role of Islam as a religion and the character of Muslim rule in medieval India. The list is the result of a preliminary survey. Many more Muslim monuments await examination. Local traditions which have so far been ignored or neglected have to be tapped on a large scale.

We have tried our best to be exact in respect of locations, names and dates of the monuments mentioned. Even so, some mistakes and confusions may have remained. It is not un-often that different sources provide different dates and names for the same monument. Many Muslim saints are known by several names, which create confusion in identifying their mazãrs or dargãhs. Some districts have been renamed or newly, created and a place which was earlier under one district may have been included in another. We shall be grateful to readers who point out these mistakes so that they can be corrected in our major study. This is only a brief summary. Click on either the state name or on the Description field to get more details.



Andhra Pradesh
List for Andhra Pradesh
List for Assam
List for Bengal
List for Bihar
List for Delhi
List for Diu
List for Gujarat
List for Haryana
Himachal Pradesh
List for Himachal Pradesh
List for Karnataka
List for Kashmir
List for Kerala
List for Lakshadweep
Madhya Pradesh
List for Madhya Pradesh
List for Maharashtra
List for Odisha
List for Punjab
List for Rajasthan
Tamil Nadu
List for Tamil Nadu
Uttar Pradesh
List for Uttar Pradesh

by Sita Ram Goel

Reference: https://vhsindia.org/en/list-of-mosques-in-various-states-which-were-built-after-demolishing-hindu-temples/

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