Hi I am an angry american because I am angry at our western powers,

Hi I am an angry american because I am angry at our western powers,

Hi I am an angry american because I am angry at our western powers, and wolfowitz the pos and that slimey william krystol. We the people are more numerically powerful but we are not organized in the way we need to be. I am not saying putin is good- I am not qualified. I am saying I’m happy he exists because he checks our western aggression around the world, which doesn’t even serve ordinary amerikans- and I think Putin is not nearly as bad as the west tries to make him be- or iran for that matter, or syrian.

They never invaded us. they are an indo-european people. it’s as if hollywood thinks we’re stupid or something. I don’t buy bull, from the bible or from the koran, whether from Tehran, or the Torah of Haifa. I think most jews are good people, but I think Washington has a lot in common with the west bank- both are occupied territories.

But we are disorganized and ill informed. I don’t know what’s true- putin is probably not perfect and iran does some bad things, but i’m not going to make a mountain out of a molehill and they are not my enemies. Haha the muslims are not my enemies, and if we didn’t make them such, they wouldn’t be immigrating as refugees or economic migrants.

They deserve a country of their own as do we. There’s a mess being made. I don’t know the names, but I do know wolfowitz and krystol. Their poison doctrines outlive and outlast presidents. I think Putin is better than what we got. Better. The american media fails, not because it tries to deceive, but it turns the other way and doesn’t even report honest about all sorts of important topics. And there are so many americans who are puffed up in believing they have a valid opinion about foreign affairs they know nothing about. I disclaim an opinion on how we might meddle but I do have an opinion: It’s that we should not meddle, and that’s obviously what we are doing. so I’m an angry amerikan. In joy!!! A:A

by : escapegravity33@yahoo.com

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