Rahul Gandhi and Co. very soon may leave the country or punished by the law of this country !!!

Rahul Gandhi and Co.  very soon may leave the country or punished by the law of this country !!!

Subramanian-Swamys-letter-to-PM-on-Nov-12-2015-on-Rahul-Gandhi s-British-citizenship-and-British-company-page-002

Rahul Gandhi and Co. very soon leave the country !!! It is expected very soon all the scam done by  Gandhi company will be will exposed !

who is telling lie ! please find a letter written by Dr. Subramanian Swamy to Prime Minister !

Who is Rahul Gandhi ? How he become a citizen of UK !!

Below news from http://satyavijayi.com/explosive-revelations-about-rahul-gandhi-and-british-company-dr-swamy-writes-to-pm-modi/

Rahul Gandhi is the de-facto leader of opposition as of now, till someone better comes up against Modi. But there have been lots of questions on Rahul Gandhi’s personal life which are yet to be answered. One of the surprising questions is WHAT’s the nationality of Rahul Gandhi. You would expect him to be an Indian national. But, is he? Subramanian Swami has proof that Rahul Gandhi is not actually an Indian citizen.


Here is a copy of the letter Dr. Subramanian Swamy wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Rahul Gandhi declaring himself as a citizen of United Kingdom with an address located in London…

Subramanian-Swamys-letter-to-PM-on-Nov-12-2015-on-Rahul-Gandhi s-British-citizenship-and-British-company-page-004

Subramanian-Swamys-letter-to-PM-on-Nov-12-2015-on-Rahul-Gandhi s-British-citizenship-and-British-company-page-005Subramanian-Swamys-letter-to-PM-on-Nov-12-2015-on-Rahul-Gandhi s-British-citizenship-and-British-company-page-006

Subramanian-Swamys-letter-to-PM-on-Nov-12-2015-on-Rahul-Gandhi s-British-citizenship-and-British-company-page-007

Subramanian-Swamys-letter-to-PM-on-Nov-12-2015-on-Rahul-Gandhi s-British-citizenship-and-British-company-page-008 Subramanian-Swamys-letter-to-PM-on-Nov-12-2015-on-Rahul-Gandhi s-British-citizenship-and-British-company-page-009 Subramanian-Swamys-letter-to-PM-on-Nov-12-2015-on-Rahul-Gandhi s-British-citizenship-and-British-company-page-010 Subramanian-Swamys-letter-to-PM-on-Nov-12-2015-on-Rahul-Gandhi s-British-citizenship-and-British-company-page-011 Subramanian-Swamys-letter-to-PM-on-Nov-12-2015-on-Rahul-Gandhi s-British-citizenship-and-British-company-page-012 Subramanian-Swamys-letter-to-PM-on-Nov-12-2015-on-Rahul-Gandhi s-British-citizenship-and-British-company-page-013

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