Lessons From Paris: More Gun Control

Lessons From Paris: More Gun Control
Proof that liberalism is a form of congenital idiocy:

The Violence Policy Center — if you couldn’t guess, an anti-Second Amendment group — in the wake of the Paris massacre is calling for a total ban on “assault weapons,” including “assault pistols” and “assault shotguns.”Don’t worry, you’ll still be allowed to keep your assault chainsaw.

The group posted a statement on Facebook that said, “In light of new concerns over terrorism, we should rethink our policies that allow military-style assault weapons to be purchased by virtually anyone — including potential criminals and terrorists. There is no reason for assault rifles, assault pistols, and assault shotguns to be sold on the civilian market. These weapons are designed with only one purpose: to kill as many people as possible in the shortest possible amount of time.”

There’s nothing “new” about concerns over terrorism, for starters. And let’s be specific about the problem: It’s Muslim terrorism that’s most concerning, at least in the U.S. Maybe in Europe they have what liberals call “ethnopolitical” terrorism or some other fancy-shmancy terrorism, just like we have chopped liver and they have pate de froie gras. But for most of us, just plain old Muslim terrorism is the thing.

Then there’s that whole “military-style assault weapons” business. What does that even mean? A tank? A battleship? An F-18? The military has a lot of “assault weapons.” I’d kind of like to know where I could buy an A-10, but I don’t think there are that many store locations. The whole concept of “assault weapon” is just made up by liberals and doesn’t actually describe a class of weapon other than any gun that scares liberals, which is all of them. And being bought by “virtually anyone”? Come on. Real criminals and terrorists buy out of the back of a van, the sort of venue that is notable for ignoring laws.

The line about there being no reason to sell “assault weapons” on civilian markets: I can think of several reasons, the most important being every human being’s God-given right to defend himself, his family, his property and his community from, oh say, terrorists.


These weapons are made to kill: Yes guns are made to kill, and a damn fine job of it they’ll do in the hands of someone who has practice using them. Just think how things might have gone if even one of the Parisian victims had been packing a gun and used it against the terrorists. I can think of hundreds of former victims of gun control who might have liked to find out what happens when an armed good guy meets an armed bad guy. Do the math. There were nine terrorists who killed 129 people and injured some 300 others. If one terrorist could kill 13 to 14 people, then just one person with a gun could have conceivably taken out all of the terrorists. Real life factors would change that number — location, crowd movement, opportunity, aim, etc. — but you see the point. Lives — many lives — might have been saved.

And that’s the real irony, or perhaps just joke, of notions of gun control. It’s not about controlling guns, it’s about controlling people who are least likely to ever use a gun in commission of a crime or act of terror. The bad guys will always find their weapons.

Gun control just creates more victims.
Source: http://godfatherpolitics.com/26538/lessons-from-paris-more-gun-control

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Lessons From Paris: More Gun Control

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