Yoga is more than what you think : Can change life

Yoga is more than what you think : Can change life
Yoga is an ideal exercise to body and mind. Practicing yoga offers a number of health benefits including healthy and strong body, peace of mind, increased focus & concentration, etc. Yoga has its significance since ancient times. And, it is true that Yoga has helped many of us to live calm and peaceful lives.

Here are some useful health benefits of Yoga, illustrating why you should include Yoga in your everyday routine:

Builds Muscle Strength & Increases Flexibility

Practicing this exercise strengthens your body muscles and increases flexibility. A flexible body is less prone to back pains and corrects the posture as well. And, the strong muscles help prevention of arthritis, and other such diseases.

Improves Blood Circulation

The relaxation exercises in yoga increase blood circulation and heart rate. The increase in heart rate lowers the risk of heart attack and the increase in blood flow boosts levels of hemoglobin that prevents anemia.

Lowers Blood Sugar Levels


Yoga reduces hypertension and lowers down the blood sugar levels. It helps in lowering LDH cholesterol and also boosts your immune system functionality.

Relaxes Your Mind & Body

The exercise helps you relax your body and mind. It helps you control your breath and has a calming & soothing effect on your body. Also, practicing different Yoga techniques will keep you fresh.

Improves Focus & Concentration

If you are not able to focus on work and other day-to-day activities, then Yoga is the ideal solution for you. Practicing different Yoga techniques will help in improving your focus and concentration. You will be able to perform better at work and feel good.

Boosts Self Confidence & Self Esteem

It helps you realize your true worth. Practicing Yoga regularly inculcates better health and improves physique as well, which indirectly increases your self-confidence and self-esteem.
Stephanie Evans, Bliss Team

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