1000 year slavery of Hindus is a creation of Macaulayian education and leftist historians

1000 year slavery of Hindus is a creation of Macaulayian education and leftist historians

1000 year slavery of Hindus is a creation of Macaulayian education and leftist historians.

One thousand of slavery and millennia of defeats and domination caused by dogmatic attachment to the opinion and thought of ahimsa and also preventing an effective resistance to foreign domination. This is what every hindu is brought up to believe about hindu religion.Stories like these are happily forwarded in front of people as the history of Hindu from past 14 centuries and which is accepted by many scholars. There is something really confusing about this slavery that if Hindus were slaves for thousand years then how have we survived to this day with all dignity and honour with our spiritual tradition sketched back with the mists of time?

The beginning of hindu slavery is suppose to start with the ruining of India by Muslims of Arab and Turkish origin. It is strongly believed that Hindus had a very weak defence in front of Muslim force and that is the reason why they easily ruined whole thing so easily.

Soon after the Muslims of Arabs and Turkish origin entered the Indian soil and set a ground in India. They started converting people of India into Muslims and the peoples who rejected this were either killed or were tortured at the maximum extent. In the starting period, they targeted the buddhist kingdom and forced them to convert. With these acts of Muslim rulers the muslim armies got bigger and stronger and they were filled with a new zeal and energy, which results in large scale damaging and looting of Indian heritage properties.

It took almost hundred years for Muslims to establish themselves properly in India and soon after their establishment in India many things had changed and many new rules and old Hindu heritages and rules and temples got either changed or damaged. Almost thousands and lakhs of buddhists were either slaughtered or killed or they have to change their religion and this was not only with them. This happened with Hindus as well at a very large scale.

The tradition of India has been severely damaged by the endless bloodletting over this period of time. Many important Hindu temples and institutions were damaged and looted. The wealth of the country and Hindu society was highly influenced by this which weakened them. Religion was preserved in rituals and was not usually understood by the people. Our own language Sanskrit was no more our language and people started declining it and the caste system got more rigid. This was the time when many preachers and teachers came like Nanak from Punjab, Kabir and many others and people started following them. They use to teach people about God and life and they showed people the path of Peace and justice.


Many Muslim emperors wanted to convert the whole country into Islam and many Hindu Rajas and Maharajas were against them. It was not easy for them to oppose these Muslim rulers as they always had an upper hand of having a large and powerful army over the Rajas and Maharajas of India. The Muslim rulers covered all the paths of sea and land and had covered the entire country so, Indian rulers were left on their own but they never lost hope. The Hindu Rajputs who are said to be the bravest and the protectors in Hindu religion kept their fight on against these rulers. Under the leadership of Maharaja Rana Sanga, the whole Rajputana came together and defeated the Mughal force. Many people died from both sides and it is said that Maharaja Rana Sanga didn’t gave up even when it was clear that they are loosing. but it was him who turned the whole war in favour of Rajputs.

Rajputana was the place which was always difficult for Muslim rulers to conquer as this was the land of brave warriors. Even the great Maharana Pratap was from this land and how can we forget Marathas? They were also very brave who gave their heart out to save our motherland from these Muslim Rulers.

After a long rule of these muslim rulers, Britishers took the charge but they didn’t came into power straightly. They were just normal traders who just came as visitors and they didn’t took the charge of the country from Mughals. They took charge of different states from different rules and their main agenda was “Divide and Rule”. Although they were very much different than the Muhamadans but they also damaged our society at a very big level. They never killed people for changing their religion but they did influenced people to change their religion and also they brought a new religion in India that was “Christian”. They converted people somehow and at the same time they spoiled the atmosphere of the society. They never worked in the favour of society and their only aim was to grow themselves as much as they can.

Britishers ruled India for 90 long years and in these 90 years they killed the old Sanskrit scripts of Indians and many other Hindu heritages. This is not it, they also started many other western cultures in India which were never there before their arrival.

So, overall India was dominated by Muhamadans for 150 years and by the Britishers for 90 years which in totally is 240 years. Where are the rest of 760 years?

Before the arrival of these Muhamadan rulers and Britishers the Indian society and Hindu society was the best society and India was also known as the “Golden Bird”, as the Indian soil was full of jewels and there was no shortage of money anywhere in India. The land was highly religious, full of rituals and with a lot of knowledge which was all spoiled in these 240 years. Although Hindus were not slaves for 1000 big years but yes they were slaved for 240 years which is a very big amount of time and that is enough time to kill and damage someone’s heritage at a large extent. Although there was a hard time for Hindus in history but they never gave up on situation and always stood at their point and never gave up. They lived their life with pride and honour and dignity. We all should be proud that we belong to the land where people like Maharaja Rana Sanga, Maharana Pratap, King Shivaji, and many other big names are born.

“Jai Hind”

By hindu jaagruti

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