Should India warn Pakistan for a war and focus on taking away Kashmir which is occupied by Pakistan now?

Should India warn Pakistan for a war and focus on taking away Kashmir which is occupied by Pakistan now?

The world doesn’t seem to have any time for kashmir. It’s now more obsessed with the Islamic state. The world attention could be brought only if pakistan does what it always does best:BEHAVING STUPID. If an entire country is built and programmed solely to hate a country and it’s culture then the purpose of it would be only to take steps not for itself but against others. 

By systematically glorifying iconoclasts, rapists ,looters and murderers who historically did nothing good for humanity they are just losing their direction on every aspect of their life. By the way speaking of pigs like Bilawal bhutto, india bashing is the time tested way of staying relevant in the politics of Pakistan. so don’t waste time thinking of these dogs. And as for any nationalistic Indian’s dream of taking back gilgit, baloachistan and occupied Kashmir the time is simply not ripe for it. Tactical difficulties apart any Indian adventure on POK will only prove to be a political and diplomatic suicide for India at the international stage hampering it’s image as a pacifist nation. It is still not known how a region whose populace are believed to be pro Pakistan and Islamic could wilfully join a non muslim political entity like India. Any attempt of unification of Pakistan territory with India should be avoided as it would increase the muslim demography still further.
Don’t forget the treacherous and inhospitable terrain that would await the Indian troops trying to invade the enemy held territory who clearly has the tactical advantage of watching our troop movements from elevated positions. The only way of india getting POK is through world war 3 (which could probably be a religiously polarized one. No prizes for guessing which religion) as every country in the west would be busy fighting enemies from across their borders or from within thanks to multiculturalism advocated by shortsighted stupid leftist liberals without understanding the cultural exclusiveness and rigidity of Islam. Until then just wait and watch Pakistan to crumble.

The only way for Pakistan to exist is through nuclear weapons. It’s not just a rogue nation it is a bandit nation extorting the rest of the world since a country created artificially based on religious animosity and separatism powered by hate and prejudice is not going to do anything better than just making trouble. Pakistan is always in danger of implosion. So what would the WORLD POWERS do then to prevent it’s nukes falling into the “WRONG HANDS” (as if they are in very secure hands right now)? Give it aid to keep it going as it’s showing the world it doesn’t have the balls to introspect and progress economically and socially instead blaming india or the west for all it’s problems. An implosion of a nuclear armed Pakistan would be nightmare for everyone except for those craving for 72 virgins in heaven. So this will go on and on and india could be had bleeding through a 1000 cuts courtesy the immense foreign aid that is poured into Pakistan.

Whenever the situation escalates at our borders the international community would seek to appease only pakistan at the expense of india because of the influence of the oil rich middle east which is muslim. There is no need to say about the west’s efforts to consolidate it’s sphere of influence in the gulf to counter the Chinese and the Russians. So it’s india which has to walk the tightrope not pakistan.

A full scale conventional war with india is not going to be honeymoon for pakistan on any day. They are well aware of it. The game plan is simple: arrest the rise of india either conventionally or unconventionally. The former is a total failure in the past. The latter is nurturing groups like LeT and IM, Relentlessly training infiltrators and provoking like ceasefire violations or beheadings. Our response should not be carried away by hawkishness. Lack of muscle flexing could be seen as unbecoming of a superpower by many. But there is no other way except to not escalate the situation. Geopolitics is not completly in india’s favour at the moment as Saudi heads the Human Rights of UN (Funniest thing of 21st century).

The only way for things to better for india at the international level is that the middle east must run out of oil. Only that will make the superpowers to ignore the region and to let them be “on their own”, something unprecedented in recent times, eventually leading to a major upheaval in West Asia. Without foreign intervention almost every nation in this part of the world would become an Iraq or Syria. In my opinion suppression of human rights, dissent and religious freedom could vanish if the immunity which is enjoyed by the middle East from the rest of the world vanishes. But for that they must run out of oil and unfortunately it doesn’t seem to happen anytime soon.

By Hindu Jaagurati
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