The Patriot who Puzzled the Raj.

The Patriot who Puzzled the Raj.

The Patriot who Puzzled the Raj.

In general the reading habits have reduced among the public. But some surveys say that books are selling fast in India. But the main reasons for our sufferings, is improper understanding of the writings of the great men like Vivekandnanda, Sarat Chadra, Kabi guru Tagore, Mahakavi Bharathi and so many other writers who have written a lot stressing the need for our self reliance. Because of that we could drive away the British. But to carry that mantle the subsequent writers and thinkers have not played an effectiver role. Hence we are producing intellectuals of the kind of Nayantara, Arundati Roy and a host of many others queuing up for Award Wapasi. You will be surprised to know, that more number of educational institutions mostly high schools stand in the name of Swami Vivekananda in Tamilnadu. Even you cannot find so many educational institutions in his name in Bengal. This success is because of the public consciousness and not by the government. For perpetuating the memory of either Gandhi or Nehru or any one else, it is possible by the governments only at the cost of the public.

At the same time, we have got a duty of telling the public about the selfless patriots. Since this post is about Rash Behari Bose, though the matter is in Bengali, which I do not know, I am using this because the people should know, how he used his presence of mind and moved from one place to another in disguise. What are all the effort he has taken to fight against the British by canvassing for a disobedience by the armed forces by moving inside the barracks.

After the attack on the Viceroy Mr.Hardinge in Delhi on 23rd Dec 1912, known as Delhi Conspiracy, Rash Behari Bose cleverly escaped from there and went to Dehra Dun before the visit of the Viceroy and vehemently spoken in a public meeting condemning the attack on the Viceroy. Bose along with another of his companion greeted the Viceroy by standing in front of the Railway station when he was coming out in his car. Such interesting episodes also have to be said to the youths. At high risk he moved freely, and even misguided the police by even talking to them at close range without providing any hint about his identity, when they were seriously searching for him.

Without Bagha Jatin or Rash Behari Bose, who else could have motivated Netaji in his war path? Of course, the conspirators have caused the wreckage.

But we have to take the real heroes to the masses so that the devilish “papa chachas” are driven out of their minds.


Jayatu Subhas,

C M Amrtheswaran.

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The Patriot who Puzzled the Raj.

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