SoniaRahulHazirHo : What a bad days for Gandhi Family ? Law must be above all !

by ultadin | 20/12/2015 5:31 pm

Some observations from yesterday’s court proceedings in #NationalHerald case-

1] Rahul & Sonia Gandhi were made to stand in area reserved for accused and were not allowed to sit.

2] Priyanka signed surety for bail for Rahul.

3] Priyanka Vadra seemed quiet annoyed & rattled. Her behavior was quiet strange.

4] Manmohan Singh stood in court room without knowing what to do. Dr. Swamy went to him and offered him a seat nearby.

5] The family, it is said was very upset with Kapil Sibal & Abhishek Singhavi for having let them down and having to appear in court like common criminals all due to efforts of one single man who is not even a lawyer (Dr. Swamy).


6] It is learnt that Sonia, Rahul & Priyanka had screamed at Sibal & Singhavi at residence for bringing them to this stage.

7] Though the earlier plan was not to seek bail and go to jail so that Gandhis can earn sympathy but seeing no public support, the Gandhis then decided to seek bail and got it within 3 minutes of court proceeding on personal bond of Rs 50,000 each. Well, this was expected.

8] It was a historic day as a common citizen Dr. Swamy had brought the most powerful politician Sonia Gandhi to court with no govt support.

9] Bail is temporary relief. Jail is certain. Matter is open & shut case.

10] Next hearing is on 20th February 2016.

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