“We are not helpless, the system is helpless” : Is it Possible to change the system ???

“We are not helpless, the system is helpless” :  Is it Possible to change the system ???

“We are not helpless, the system is helpless”
The brutal rapist of Nirbhaya is out. A rapist walks free after serving three comfortable years in a “Correction home”. It’s a slap to the people of our country. his identity is not known. He is free now – thanks to our laws. Has justice been served? one sincerely doubts.
If one is old enough to commit crimes like rape and murder, are they not old enough to face the punishment for it?
Our existing laws don’t think so. The government must amend the law in view of the changing times where crime rate among adolescents has increased manifold.
The Juvenile Justice Laws must be amended for special cases. The bill was passed by the current government in Lok Sabha but thanks to the mischievous opposition parties, it was stalled in Rajya Sabha.
Unless the existing laws are changed, there will be no justice to the victims of such crime.
It’s ironical when we see that the rapist and murderer has got another chance, something the victim never had.
As said by Jyoti Pandey’s (Nirbhaya as we know) mother-
“We are not helpless, the system is helpless.”


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Abhijit Das

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Geetanjali Prashar

Geetanjali Prashar Not even a single writer or artist has returned d award…what a pathetic law,A guy less den 18 yrz can rape and murder bt cant b punished..n d worst is his identity is being kept secret

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Siddhartha Shiv Khanna

Siddhartha Shiv Khanna The only truth which matters today is that a rapist got free yesterday and walks among us today with a new identity as a ladies tailor and the victims parents must’ve been kept inside the jail to prevent a social outburst, that’s the reality of India whether a congress govt in state and centre in 2012 or a bjp govt in centre and aap govt in state in 2015

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Abhimanyu Tiwari

Abhimanyu Tiwari There are reports that the remorseless pig has turned into a Jihadi in reform house. He is proud to have beaten the law after committing a crime for which in any other sane country, even a 12 year old would be have given death sentence. He is inspired by ISIS as per information from reform house. What measures have been taken to guarantee that he does not rape and kill like ISIS? Make them public.

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Sharad Nibandhe

Sharad Nibandhe Dear Nirbhayas Mom, all India is watching your struggle & India has also watched the cruel rape & murder of your daughter.. I assure this so called juvenile murderer will be dealt by our fellow citizens once he comes out into public. Please, have patience, Indians will do justice which can not be done inside court room !

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Nawab Gaurav

Nawab Gaurav This law won’t pass bcz the victim was not any powerful Person daughter. Imagine if jyoti would have daughter of any minister then laws would have been changed within a week. This is my incredible India where politicians save this brutal murderer just on the bases of his Religion…

3 Replies · 3 hrs
Vidya Vinod

Vidya Vinod What kind of law is this??? Crime has no age, no gender and no physical disability, all should be treated equal before justice, crime definitions not in size like small, medium, large and extra large, crime is crime, definitely it is not a child thing.See More

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Abhimanyu Tiwari

Abhimanyu Tiwari #NirbhayaRapistOut Nirbhaya betrayed by ‘secularism’. ‘Secularism’ ensures no Muslim criminal get punishment. This case- Shame to Modi govt.

8 Replies · 8 hrs
தங்கம் முருகேசன்

தங்கம் முருகேசன் The Indian law does not care about the people,but relays on a book written by a man about 100 years before.An ordinary citizen can’t dream of getting Justice. The courts have now become mechanised,operated by Robots!!

4 Replies · 8 hrs
Garima Khemka

Garima Khemka And the irony is that Nirbhaya’s parents were arrested and Rapist is roaming around freely!!!! Daughters of India are not free anymore…

5 Replies · 4 hrs
Rubi Dogra
Rubi Dogra We are all shocked by the judgement given by the court in Nirbhaya case. We were not expecting this from our Judiciary.
Sir!!! Don’t you think that juvenile convicted in the 2012 Delhi gang rape and murder of Nirbahya should not be free to roam in the See More

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Aalok Sthapak

Aalok Sthapak I m very happy that the rapist is out and free..let him get few political family in his grip and satisfy his lust..If not political than families of tolerant writers, BollyWood celebrities and all who have been supporting criminal/terrorist. Judiciary system will only be awaked when they too unite for same cause. #Shameonjuvenailjustice

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Uthama Narayanan

Uthama Narayanan Justice may be right as per law but ‘Dharma’ denied to the victim’s family. Thank all Rajya Sabha memebrs for stalling the bill needed. Let all those who scuttled the bill to be passed, hang their heads in shame. Rather Judicial system tries to hide him in society, so if again any crime done, who is responsible? The Judiciary or Rajya Sabha ?

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Arun Rise Sharma

Arun Rise Sharma We must remember when we speak about the rights of delinquent, before that we must think about the rights of victim. If a victim is not getting justice because of prevailing legislature then we must do some amendment to keep intact the trust of societySee More

Tulsidas Nathani

Tulsidas Nathani Within law it takes years to get punished the criminal. hence we are helpless, because judiciary take years to decide the case. Very few persons can follow lawyers. There is corruption everywhere, hence people are scared.

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Rupesh Gautam

Rupesh Gautam Sir it is a failure on the part of our families, our society especially the male members that we still find women as means of satisfying our lust ,leaving only our own sister,mother,daughter we see rest of women an object of pleasure even I sometime find myself in the same category .laws can do very little we need to prevent such crimes first then anything any punishment.

Priyanka Sahu

Priyanka Sahu Now, where is the voice of all politicians, n y we can’t listen their such statements regarding this case! Everyone is silent! ! Who make the law big leaders not god then why can’t we change the law If someone did the gruesome crime. And government giving a juvenile convicts a healthy and productive life. … wah re Indian law!!! Sad very sad frown emoticon

Ketki Jadav Saxena

Ketki Jadav Saxena No awards returns now!!!!! Gr8 so who is supporting rapist and don’t want to change law or is other words is least concerned to bring a healthy change in society……. Congress, tmc, left, samajwadi, Jdu, bahujan samaj, the people who r in majoritySee More

5 Replies · 6 hrs
Vijay Wadhwa

Vijay Wadhwa They are not going to leave politics of showing other party wrong. Law can be effected only if some big people get taste of such where Parents don’t have choice except to face coments by community or helpless as Nirghaya parents. If perks (Salery)of politicians bill comes up in parliament. Jam sure will be passed with tramping Majority!(it’s india)

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Shashi Mishra

Shashi Mishra Why there is no strict punishment like death punishment to rape convicts. Why our country’s daughter are not safe. Their life is too easy to ruin…… This is extremely painful. Why we are so helpless. I request Modi ji and other respected leaders of my country pls save daughters of India from these cruel people.

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Chandni V. Khanna

Chandni V. Khanna This is a big shame for India. Time is changing..so called Juvenile is a fully mature person.. 18 yrs age bar only for political & social reasons. who can decide that the person under 18 yrs cant have sex.. if he is able to do so.., it’s punishable.. cSee More

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Vijai Shanker Misra

Vijai Shanker Misra Lenient juvenile punishment for most cruel adult crime ? What does it reflect , helplessness , heartlessness or inefficacy of the Judiciary to rise to the occasion and punish the culprit adequately. Once a very renowned justice said “legal system is See More

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Luvy Bisht

Luvy Bisht Can’t we change our law. This kind of boy nd boys would be dangerous for others. Why government not doing anything regarding this. That guy is not innocent or younger. Only a devil can think like that him. Why India is always helpless while justice

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Sujeet Singh

Sujeet Singh Indian Parliament & it’s selected Leaders are responsible for such crimes. It’s not helpless women’s it’s ill minded politicians who don’t want the laws to be amended .. Shame Shame.

Mr. #Swamy why don’t you file a pil n amend this point in law of india. Is Rahul n Sonia only Imp. Not daughters & women’s of India.

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Rama Krishna Senthil

Rama Krishna Senthil All Kauravas had been killed in mahabharata war for dishonesting Drawpathi… whats the problem for government for hanging the rapist? does population will decrease if they are hanged? capital punishment is the only solution to stop rape.. strict laws should be implemented in lndia against all corruption and crime or this type of incident will continue… Highly pathetic…

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Amrata Srivastava

Amrata Srivastava Just one murder and rape of specific community girl can wake up the spirit of nationalism in so called secular parties to help run the parliament and let amendments of juvenile justive law happen… sorry but .. things seems to be like this .. we can not close our eyes now ..

Shital Mishra

Shital Mishra Manoj Nagesh ji, If this is so why party of Modiji are not on streets to mobilise mass support for all those reforms including Rajya Sabha?? Why have they left everything on sold media to show them their bad name?

5 Replies · 6 hrs
Sunil Sharma

Sunil Sharma sir. though iam not a legal expert . but i couldn’t understand .high court verdict that there is no provision in low for more then three year punishment for child criminal . does supreme court find any provision in constitution for colosium systSee More

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Swa Thi
Swa Thi Bless the laws. No other country is so kind enough to protect the convict instead victim
No one At least knows who the heck is that so called “Juvenile”.
No celebrity no govt no leaders no govt servants (ias,ips) no one raised their voice. Its commoSee More

5 Replies · 6 hrs
Maharaj Krishen

Maharaj Krishen The law of the country is beyond its limits. No difference between past and present govt, this is a total boost to the criminals and will prove very difficult for the public domain near future.

Anilkumar Nair.P.

Anilkumar Nair.P. We have impotent fellows leading our country. Dont copy what others do. As a country we should have laws to suit the quality of our society. What is the sancitity of age 18 arbitarily fixed by some one from west?the juvenile law should be modified to gSee More

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Shalini Sharma
Shalini Sharma Shame on our country’s law.
That juvenile is free after commuting the hineous crime.celebrities r free after killing people.Supreme court is declining the petition on the pretext that there is no law for juvenile. Where r we leading to???????

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Tarique Aziz

Tarique Aziz there should be no juvenile age for crimes like rape and murder. the guy being set free has indeed made a mockery of our judicial system and laws. the juvenile law needs to be changed and done away with in cases of rapes and murders. those in government should change it asap.

Joel Saldanhaa

Joel Saldanhaa Since the time Nirbhaya’s rape and murder became public, cases of rape and gangrape increased heavily. Yet some utter shameless politician had the shame to say that boys will be boys and they will commit such mistakes, why hang them. because of sucSee More

Rocky Tg

Rocky Tg nice to see you talking about it. But just do not put the blame on hte opposition for having not passed the bill. You are in power and should know how to mange the opposition but have been found wanting. You folks are to be equally blamed for it.

Ramnath Singh

Ramnath Singh He is lucky enough born in a tolerant country otherwise would have hanged or shoot out or chopped. The law system is out dated & has to be addressed before next victim of such heinous crime!!!!

Manoj Vombetkere
Manoj Vombetkere Wonder what the world thinks about India in light of this verdict.. !!
A person is old enough to rape and brutally murder an innocent girl but is not old enough to be punished for his crime… Wonder when the judiciary will stop blindly following the rule book and deliver justice – is this too much to ask??

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Kadirvelan Suryanarayan

Kadirvelan Suryanarayan Typical of Indians to be accountable to rules but not the results at least in such matters. Everyone knows that birth certificates could be fake apart from the fact that the gravity of the crime does not merit any lenience. The criminal has another chance to carry on his nefarious activities with more care and cunning.

Venktaswamy Ramasamy

Venktaswamy Ramasamy What happened to the so called pseudo secularists ( the writers / artists who returned the awards on Dadri issue – intolerance!!!! )? Have they gone to rehabilitate the brutal rapist of Nirbhaya to commit further such rapes? Shame!

Shameless LeadeSee More

Madhu K Nair
Madhu K Nair It’s not just rape and murder, it was the worst of its kind and never heard in history.
No business for the law to look at the age of criminal. Only look at the intensity of the crime and the losses inflicted thereby.

Janardan Murhekar

Janardan Murhekar The agony of the mother is justified in all ways and by all means. No doubt about it… But some one has to bring to her notice that it was the Judiciary and the laws that has given this verdict, not the Government as as held by her. And NDA must not See More

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Shanmugasundaram Ganapathy Kanniappan

Shanmugasundaram Ganapathy Kanniappan i wonder where all the so called Champion of women and women’s rights? I have not seen any one protesting and returinign any award. Not a word from Arundhati Roy, or Medha Patkar and so many others who in the name of secularism/human rights preach/praSee More

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Indranil Bhattacharjee
Indranil Bhattacharjee The required amendments, which would have ensured proper punishment for the rapist was stalled in Rajya Sabha by Congress, SP, BSP, RJD and JDU so that they can secure their vote bank.
It is not the court’s fault. No one should vote for these parties.

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Madhu Ravishankar

Madhu Ravishankar Hats off to our judiciary system,our laws, lawyers and judges. Isn’t it high time for someone in this system to realise that ,these laws ,to which they have still stuck ,were meant to those juveniles in the past who might not have even dreamt or hearSee More

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Harisharan Walia

Harisharan Walia Who is responsible for not passing the bill in Rajya sabha on this issue?Is it for vote bank politics that bill has not been taken up ?Are our politicians and free press so much afraid of an extremist, afraid of even disclosing his name? Although Nirbhayas name has been disclosed.

Pooja Jain

Pooja Jain If der is special law for minor our so called…Juvenile Justice law den if victim is minor then where does this law works…If being minor and a rapist is being secured den if victim is minor den the brutal rapist must be hanged why der is different lSee More

Raghu Gowda

Raghu Gowda In Rajyasaba things would have been different if it was Hindu rapist and Muslim victims. This shameless rascals from opposition party will never change until this juvenile will go and rape their family members.

Dattatri Samaga

Dattatri Samaga Our parliamentarians were busy with their own interests and petty squabbles. What a shame, they could not bring in a suitable legislation in the three years said since the horrible incident happened. Look at the way they quarrel and scream in the Rajya Sabha, so called House meant for “elders” but cornered by some unruly and indisciplined slogan shouting and placard waiving representatives.!

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Anil Gupta

Anil Gupta Can the Juvenile Justice Act Amendment be applied retrospectively? There is no bar under the constitution to amend criminal law retrospectively.Neither article 20 nor article 368 put any such condition on the law making power of the Parliament.Then whySee More

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Sunil Srivastava

Sunil Srivastava It is high time each and every MP of congress and other opposition party MPs from Rajya Sabha who have have been stalling the Parliament so shamelessly be accosted individually by the countrymen and asked to explain what right they have to deceive the people by not letting the business go on in the Rajya Sabha, these MPs are anti people and anti national.

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Sindhu Vijay

Sindhu Vijay Firstly the definition of a “juvenile” under the Indian laws need changed ! Secondly there must be exceptions in cases where such henious crimes are committed by a so called “juvenile” . There should be no excuse and loopholes in allowing the law to bring the culprit to justice.

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Prakash De

Prakash De Why not blame those bastards who have objected the Juvenile bill in Rajya sabha since last years, had this bill not stopped by these devils, perhaps this rascal killer would be in jail. No media want to expose those bastards,who in the name of humanity, & morality always seek cheap publicity, they are real rapist, criminal who always start showing affection towards them.

Sanjeev Patel

Sanjeev Patel It’s unfortunate for India, that people stand in support for gandhis grabbing national properties, but elected people can’t come on consensus to amend the bills. After independence Indian society has not been mature enough. Civilised countries like BrSee More

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