“Intolerance, Tolerance and the Anti India Force”

“Intolerance, Tolerance and the Anti India Force”

Two articles were published in one of the leading English news paper of India, which I read on board Air India, from Chicago-New Delhi, in 2nd week of December 2013. Narendra Damoder Modi was just declared as the Prime Ministerial candidate if BJP wins in the election, May 2014. Election was almost 5 months far.

One article was all about –‘how Rahul Gandhi would be a better PM than Modiji’. I laughed to myself. The second one was a serious one— which clearly said that, how the plan has already been made how Modiji would be dislodged if he in fact gets elected. It shocked me, not because I am a believer in Modiji’s ability, sincerity, honesty and patriotism but thinking that who are those who would chalk out a plan to dislodge a democratically elected (Modiji was not yet elected even) Prime Minister of the largest democracy on planet Earth.

I had no clue who these people were, who are so much “Intolerant” about Modiji. I knew about the “Bish kanya” implanted on Indian soil by ‘International Anti-India elements’ and the home grown leftist, media people — both TV and News Paper and of course about few high profile politicians who are propped up only to destabilise our country. My mind was disturbed for sometime after reading the article but in time it faded away.

Since last few weeks, after witnessing the sudden surge of ‘Giving away the honour” by many intellectuals, writers even including some filmy personalities, I became very surprisingly aware realising the motive behind this act of the “Intellectuals”. No wonder why the ‘Congress party” is so unhappy about the allegedly “rising Intolerance” in the country.

JNU has produced many “Leftists” over the many years. Communism has produced many “Anti-India” elements since the inception of this party. Few historians, writers and even film directors created, fomented many “Anti-India “sentiments”, particularly venomous “Intolerant attitude” towards Hindus and anything to do with the Hindus. They distorted our history, even falsified the evolution and achievements of our ancient civilisation. One historian even opined that the ‘Hindus learnt how to dress themselves’ from one uncivilised , blood thirsty, alien people who invaded our country more than 1000 years ago, forcibly occupied our country and changed the demography, culture and things that was good our ancestors stood for.

The majority indigenous people of this ancient country by their nature, spirituality and goodness ‘Tolerated’ every injury inflicted on them by these invading hoards and also by these modern “intellectuals”(anti Hindu people).


Now, in the pretext of one or two stray incident these “intellectuals” has become “Intolerant” towards the same ‘Tolerant to the core” people and the PM of India who feel proud to be a Hindu. If today, he convert himself to one of the historically proven “Intolerant faith “or even pretend to be one like that or attire like that and start eating prohibited food for the Hindus, then I am sure all this trend of “Giving up of honour” will be reversed.

I have written before and writing now that “International plan (which I read in the News Paper) for dislodging Modiji” and there by denigration of the Hindus is going on in full swing.

By Dr. M K Debnath

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