Some contribution of Nehru for India may not be avoided: Please read and see the Video !!

Some contribution of Nehru for India may not be avoided: Please read and see the Video !!

Some contribution of Nehru for India may not be avoided: Please read and see the Video !!

MARIBA TO MARIBA KAUSAL KARIYA MARIBA” is a proverb in Oriyan (Odisha) language. One of my friends in fb Mr.Bhaswar Das has provided the meaning of the same which means:- “If I have to die, I will die, but certainly do some tricks before my death”.


Okay! What is the relevance of quoting this proverb? Since, several congress men have today voiced their dissatisfaction over the lesser importance to the B’day celebration of the first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who was appointed to the post by the British.

Nehru in fact died in the year 1964. But he has done a lot of tricks in politics not just before his death as seen in the Oriyan proverb, but from his day one in the office of the premier of India.



Trick No. 1. Swallowing the Azad Hind treasure and the funds in the Azad Hind Bank.

Trick No. 2. Inserting the theory of Plebiscite in Kashmir when the accession process was on, despite the letter of consent was received from the former ruler of Kashmir Maharaja Hari Singh.

Trick No. 3. Allowing Rs.50 cr to Pakistan as insisted by Gandhiji without resisting him, at the same time of not demanding the Rs,350 cr payable to India by Pakistan as per the terms of partition.

Trick No. 4. Announcing ceasefire when Indian troops were registering victory in driving back the troops of Pakistan besides ordering withdrawal of the army there by leaving the POK, unclaimed as long as he lived.

Trick No. 5. When Sardar Patel was handling the annexures of all the 543 princely states to the Indian Union, snatching the Kashmir issue for himself to deal.


Trick No. 6. Introduction of Art.370 of the Constitution rejecting the views of Dr.B. R. Ambedkar and other legal luminaries and imposed upon the people a perennial head ache, paving a way for resource drain for ever.

Trick No. 7. Making an unilateral decision of taking the Kashmir issue to the U N General Assembly, without even realizing that Kashmir is an integral part of India.

Trick No. 8. Keeping the Chinese aggression a closely guarded secret and announcing the same much belatedly in the parliament.

Trick No. 9. Making “Jana Gana Mana………..” which was written by Kabi Guru Tagore to welcome King George V, as our national anthem after marginalizing the importance of Vande Mataram.

Trick No.10. Employing the history authors who were waiting at his doors to write all wrong informations as per his wish and thrust them on the people, in order to suppress the events in the lives of great warriors and brave sons of India, their sacrifices in order to project all fake heroes.

Like this Jawaharlal Nehru, has done a lot of tricks,

Jayatu Subhas,

C M Amrheswaran.


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    sudhansu patro 29 December, 2015, 11:02

    sir there is nothing called “ORIYAN” language..its “ORIYA” or “ODIA”…by the way ,,thats a very nice article….

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