See the Video: Why is that despite ruling India for 60 years (out of 67) the congress did nothing concrete for the poor and the minority?

See the Video: Why is that despite ruling India for 60 years (out of 67) the congress did nothing concrete for the poor and the minority?

BJP MP Hukmdev Narayan Yadav, (Bihar) in his powerful speech in Lok Sabha, slammed Congress for damaging the lives of Indian farmers. He slammed that UPA government, during its tenure, built two different countries – Bharat and India.

It is the amount of opportunities you get and how well you utilize each one of them that determines how well you grow in future.

The economic policies and targeting of these policies determine how fast you can eliminate poverty, the amount of resources ,inherited infrastructure and delivery mechanism for these resources are added features (these are some of the requirement for reducing/eliminating poverty)

We all can agree that congress ruled for a large duration after independence and for most of the time without any sort of coalition but the onus of development does not solely depend on government policies a number of other things have equal consideration.

we need to consider following things before generalizing any government.


India was closed economy before 1992 and hence economic growth was not much promising
A lot of energy, time, resources were spent on creating the basic Infrastructure, solving the social and external problems, For example :Except for railways all other type of Infrastructure where of elementary level and hence a large part of resources where spent on development of these resources, constant wars in initial period increased prices et al.
The adopted bureaucracy was very rigid and opaque in nature also no timely modification was done to make it poor sensitive
A number of economic policies adopted were wrong in consonance with the present political and beureacractic structure
For example : the famous trickle down theory was adopted for nearly 5 decades with a political system having low or sometimes no accountability and opaque bureaucracy thus increasing corruption and no benefit to the intended population.
The problem also lies in the way we tried to introduce the element of planning in our economy, India adopted a multi level planning where every level would plan but this never actually happened in reality local level aspirations never got a say and center always tried to provide a fit in all solution
Low level of education and a number of social stigmas, states which concentrated on education at the nascent stage are reaping the benefits today
The point which i want to make is that government’s failure to address the issues in a timely manner that made the poor section more vulnerable, any party for that matter has an intent to build a strong nation with certain Ideology , it is the conversion of intent to implementation that creates the change.
on the contrary one can say that Singapore got independence at the same time but has developed in abundance . but the set of problems and the situations faced by different countries are different

Alas i think another government in place of congress would have achieved some what same success moreover none of the government have done anything concrete in solving the problem of disparity in regards of income and it is rising day by day and global economist and governments have no clue as to how to create a sustainable and long term redistributive system.

Please note : The views expressed are personal and i am not a congress supporter

By:- Pal Ajay Singh

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