Must see the Cinema from a real Life Story “Jihad and the Refugee boy” :-It is time to tell the Truth ” and “to know the Truth”- Dr. M K Debnath

by ultadin | 09/01/2016 1:35 pm

“It is time to tell the Truth” and “to know the Truth”

There was a riot on 3rd January 1964 in East Pakistan. I was 14 + then. I came to
Khulna town to get admission in St.Joseph School from my village which had nothing–meaning nothing.


In the pretext of a false rumour that ‘The Hindus in India has stolen the ‘Hair of Prophet from the Hazrat Bal Mosque in Kashmir, India, the then communication Minister of Pakistan flew to East Pakistan, held many public meetings and secrete meetings. As a result on 3rd January,Friday,1964 the Hindus were butchered without any mercy.

The result was, more than 100000 thousands lives were gone and withing a matter of 6 months about 15 millions Hindus had to leave East Pakistan and migrate to India.



These Hindu Refugees, 16 years after the division of India became homeless in their own country.

I was only one of few fortunate to have saved from killing and also from being converted. I had to leave the country all by myself, swam across a mighty river that constituted the border of India and East Pakistan. Message was spread that I have been killed by police shooting as my where about was simply unfounded.

I ended up in the streets of a town named Habra. Without family, without finance I lived a subhuman life for 2 long years until Lord Krishna took me under his fold.

A sordid saga of millions of Hindu boys and girls and families that the world has never witnessed before.

Next in the silver screen—- or my Book :”Jihad and the Refugee boy”

By Dr. M K Debnath

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