“Westernized journalists have made it a fashion to run down Hinduism,”: Dr Subramanian Swamy

“Westernized journalists have made it a fashion to run down Hinduism,”: Dr Subramanian Swamy

“Westernized journalists have made it a fashion to run down Hinduism,”: Dr Subramanian Swamy

 Dr. Subramanian Swamy who visited Irving, Texas for symposium on Protection & Restoration of Hindu Temples, organized by Global Hindu Heritage Foundation and Sanatana Dharma Foundation sat down for an exclusive interview with citizen journalist Abhishek Maharaja on his way to Dallas International Airport, Texas, USA.

On renaming the Aurangzeb road: Well, I have been agitating for a long time, in fact the first person I raised this with was Rajiv Gandhi, but he was in no position. Because his party was in this mad pursuit of this peculiar secularism which really meant anti-Hindu. But now, Modi has got it done, it’s a remarkable thing and many other changes need to take place. You see, you can submit to DMK and change the name of capital of Tamil Nadu from Madras to Chennai. Bombay to Mumbai, this has been going on. Aurangzeb was a mad dictator, you should see the farmans he has issued against Hindus, he was the one who put special tax on Hindus, called Jazia.

I also think the cities like Ahmedabad and Allahabad needs to change. They were pre-existing cities. In Allahabad, there was a city of Prayag and in the case of Ahmedabad it was Karnavati, and in the case of Aurangabad it was Sambajinagar. These things must be done, we can’t pretend we are a new civilization we are a continued civilization and where something has been done forcibly on us, we have to reverse it.

On Government Interference on Temple: According to IPC, Government has the right to take only the financial part of any religious place, if it finds enough evidence into its mismanagement. Right now there are about four and a half lakh temples which are under Government control and not even one religious place of any other religion. We are seeing that Government interferes into other aspects of Temple management as well. Temple is not only a place of worship but it is a cultural place as well, where the community gathers to learn Yoga, Music, Dance, Vedas and other cultural values.

On Ram Mandir: By end of next year, the Ram Mandir will be made, either Modi does it or I will do it.


On Article 370: It’s a central Govt matter, it’s a once shot affair, all you have to do is that the president has to issue a notification that the article 370 cease to exist. We got 5 years, only one year has gone, sometime during the remaining 4 years we would do it.

On Finance Ministry: Arun Jaitley is not an economist, he is clueless. He has to rely on his advisors and he has got them from America (Raghuram Rajan, Reserve Bank) they don’t know anything about India. They should have been sacked but Jaitley doesn’t understand economics, so he is bound to rely on people’s advice and those guys are committed to IMF and their audience in America.

Black Money: Yeah black money can be brought back but Mr Jaitley doesn’t know how and I have written to the Prime Minister and I hope he looks at the steps I have suggested

On Common Civil Code: Muslims have accepted common criminal code, why can’t they accept Common Civil Code? If criminal code does not violate Sharia, how can civil code?

We see resistance from two categories, one is the Muslim mullahs, they think that this process will assimilate the Muslims into Hindus. If you don’t have a distinction, Muslim will become a Hindu and the second group is westernized leftist who don’t want Hindu consolidation.

On Media: Westernized journalists have made it a fashion to run down Hinduism, they are doing it out of a conviction but that is a wrong conviction. We need journalists who know the subject, know how to argue and are not like the Ramsena entering into bars and beating up girls, that kind of thing we can’t do. We need people who are articulate who know the subject.

On Bollywood: Bollywood also needs rectification, because the financing has been with Dawood Ibrahim support and nobody can become an actor or actress unless they keep Dawood happy, those are the things we have to do.

On Pakistan and their Terrorists: There is nothing to discuss with Pakistan Government, because the Pakistan Government doesn’t have any voice, it’s a dummy Government. We have already caught two terrorists, we should bomb their camps.

US handling of ISIS: America is not handling it, because America don’t have man power to expand, they are afraid there will be causalities and again the president will become unpopular. I think the way to handle ISIS is that India, Israel and America should form an alliance and India should extract a price for sending the Indian troops to fight the ISIS. Tell the Americans to build our highways like yours and we will send our troops and Israeli will give us the intelligence.

Terrorism in India: Kill them, there is no other way, use your intelligence bureau to find out about the sleeper cells and kill them.

On Bihar Elections: Some people are angry with us for not bringing back black money, the economy is not in great shape, there are no new jobs created but they know Lalu-Nitish will not produce good administration; they will do more of caste politics. It’s difficult to say just now, if you ask 1 week before the election I will be able to tell.

Why BJP lost Delhi: The congress vote got transferred to AAP. But that is not an excuse, we should have foreseen that and enhanced our vote and part of the problem was that there were many CM aspirants and suddenly we brought someone from outside and the party workers didn’t work

On old blackmailer journalist story: There is no doubt that most of the blackmailer journalists don’t come to me, there was a blackmailer journalist who was asked why don’t you blackmail Dr Swamy, he said, “Dr Swamy would pull out a dossier with charges against me” and there was some masala added to that story. No one has the guts to come to me and blackmail, if someone comes to me, I would call the police and get them arrested.

About the Emergency Story: During the emergency there was an arrest warrant on my name, after six month in America, I returned to India, undetected, entered parliament while they were discussing obituary. Between two sessions of parliament when people die who are members of parliament, they figure in the obituary list and that is the first item taken up. So, I got up and said, you have not included democracy, which also died. So, of course, it was ruled out of order and I walked out, they couldn’t catch me.

How to unite Indians (Hindus and Muslims): Muslims should accept their ancestors were Hindus, once they accept than they become part of our larger family; right now they feel animosity towards Israel, even though Israel has been a great friend of India, In fact one of the first resolutions Israel passed was to thank India, because India was the only country that had not persecuted Jews. This link of Indian Muslim with the Arab Muslim needs to be broken. They need to relate with India. The Mullahs don’t want this because they would become more and more like Hindus and the distinction wouldn’t be there.

About reservations should it be on economic basis: It is a theoretical solution, if you make it on economy based than the people who have got it now, will revolt, they will also mobilize people. You have given it now to get it back. Government can’t just issue a fatwa. All these reservations are only for Government Jobs and universities. The answer to that is to build more universities so that no one is denied admission and two develop private sector so there is no reservation. So reservation becomes useless.

On Aug 29 2015,

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