What is the source of diseases in man? Symposium on Human

What is the source of diseases in man? Symposium on Human

Read on a ancient Indian symposium to reach the consensus of a topic.. Remember it happened in 600 BC, when the present modern world of Europe and the forefather of modern Medicine and surgeries where forest dwellers.
The theme: “What is the source of diseases in man? Do both come from the same source?
Pariksi Maudgalya: “Man is born of the Spirit, likewise all diseases are born of the Spirit. The Spirit is the source of all”
Sage Saraloma: “No. The Spirit dislikes pain. It would never on its own accord yoke itself to painful diseases. The real cause is the mind when its engrossed by passion and ignorance”

Varyovida: “Mind by itself can’t cause any thing. Without a body, there cannot be any disease, not even the mind. All life started from water. Water is the cause of all diseases.”
Hiranyaksha: “Every thing does not depend on water. I am aware of air-borne diseases. Man is the result of the 5 physical elements and consciousness.”

Sage Shaunaka: “How can you have the 5 elements and the consciousness without a creator or a father and mother? Therefore, parents are the origin of both, the individual and the disease.”
Bhadrakapya: “No. Blind are not born of the blind. And you cannot tell who the first parents were. Creatures are born of the merits of action and from the actions arise the diseases.”
Rishi Bharadwaja: “I disagree. The doer always proceeds the deed. Nature alone is the cause. Roughness of the earth, fluidity of water, mobility of air and heat of fire.”

Kankayana: “Effort or lack of effort is not determined by the course of nature. Brahmaa, the Creator of the universe, is the source of all”
Aterya: “No. Brahmaa cannot give pain to his own children. Evolution has taken place over time. So time is the cause of creation of Man and disease.”

PUNARVASU’S DECISION: “Truth is hard to find by taking sides in a debate.“The wholesome combination of the physical elements gives rise to the well being of Man. Unwholesome combination leads to disease”
• Balanced elements = At ease with each other
• Unbalanced elements = not at ease = dis + ease = disease’
Proud to be born in India…

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