The woman at the top of ISIS’ most wanted list

The woman at the top of ISIS’ most wanted list

ABC’s Deborah Roberts hosts a powerful panel about the turmoil thousands of women in Iraq are facing with Vian Dakheel Saeed of the Iraqi Parliament, charity worker Dr. Delan Dakheel Saeed, Ambassador Melanne Verveer of Georgetown Institute for Women and Alissa Johannsen Rubin of The New York Times during the Women in the World summit in New York City.


The USA and the UK must do something to free these women and get rid of isis. They were quick enough to get rid of Sadam because it suited them.

There is huge obstacle for the protection of women, the wrong perceptions on the belief of Islamic RELIGION as we all know all this HORRIFIC ACT is done by Muslim men and this is one their way to inflict fear to those who does not believe in their religion.

What are they doing among the Arabs?? They are Persians…..They have no place among the Savage Arabs!!!


ISIS follows true Islam . they approach u then study where they can exploit ur goodness or weakness then expose their cruel treacherous inhumane reality. look everywhere worldwide n history

I get so mad whenever I hear about injustice like this in the world. God is much larger than any organized religion or ideology. Enough said. I hope and pray the best for these people. No one deserves to be treated and brainwashed like this or anywhere else in the world…

There are many problems in Islam . First they tried to copy and modify “Torah” and the “Old Testament”. Then they put into it a regimental form of governance (Preaching). Meaning fight and kill any one who differs with this (Islamic) ideology or a method of life style. This Islamic method of life style may be was OK 14 0r 1600 years ago , when there were no constitutions or laws and rules to Govern and practice a living standard, but Islam is totally out of time ,its from the rock age . The rules of Islam are so Faulted for this time , that where ever the Islam is practiced they will have a conflict within them selves too. Islam is a bad religion to practice . I request all Islamic followers to consider to follow any other religion and live in peace. You got to live only once on this planet. NO ONE HAS SEEN ANY GOD . So follow the ones who gives you peace , harmony and social stability . 2 , Giving birth to many children indiscriminately blaming that god is giving them ,is a fools notion . If a man sleep with a women , the women conceives. This a biological truth/fact. Biology is not a human science according to Islam . Because they ask a basic farmer “why the blood is red?” and tell them that GOD made it red , Its Hemoglobin(RBC), so they ask who gave the nature to Hemoglobin (RBC) to make the blood red . A farmer of 14th or 16th century can not answer these question so they bring God as an answer. A women is Biologically more complex than a man . So you can say a women is superior than a man Biologically . A women’s brain is circuited for multi-tasking against a mans brain which is not . so you can say a women is superior than a man mentally. But Mohamed had trouble understanding the tolerating nature of women as sub-standard human. Mohammed had trouble understanding a Dog too , Its humans best friend , its loyalty to human is unmatched against any creature on the planet. Its unconditional love is unmatched . But Mohammed had problem with it. Mohammed is not perfect as Islamic preachers portray him. He had people who are good copy cats of religious books of that time and then modified them . Mohammed is NO prophet . He married 5 women so he thinks that women are sex slaves . Its time for all Muslims to Leave Islam a failed religion which preaches to Kill innocent people and rape 9 and 13 year old children ,this is a nasty kind of religion ever invented by human. Yes religions and Gods are human inventions , if they are not human inventions, where is God ? when so many Muslims were being slaughtered by ISIS. Why didn’t the F……. Allah come down from ,.where ever he is and save them . It not too late Leave ISLAM and pick any Religion, you will be good and live like rest of the Human kind , peacefully, or live in the Shadow of darkness of Islam. Mohammed is like scabies to Muslims . its sweet when it itches and nasty to have it. I love Muslims . I am not for Islam. If you are a Muslim leave it NOW like a hot potato and move on with life. My friend Ibrahim has taken  Buddhism after San Bernardino and cut off his beard they , the whole family has filed for name change. He tells me that he is feeling so light and free on his heart and his head now, that he is now working with his Muslim brothers and sisters sharing his peace and feeling of freedom after getting out of Islam he is now telling all Muslims to take  any religion but Islam .There are No virgin’s waiting in the haven because there is No Haven . Hubble telescope has not come across one. No zip code of any god . If you can;t see god , How did those who told us there is one , could have seen him or her any ways . Leave Islam and live in peace my friends. Do not have more kids than Two, because too many Kids is the basis of evil.

Dinkar Reddy

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