PAKISTAN IS Has No Self Respect-While Whole World Loves INDIA-International Media Report

PAKISTAN IS Has No Self Respect-While Whole World Loves INDIA-International Media Report

PAKISTAN IS Has No Self Respect-While Whole World Loves INDIA-International Media Report

There is no prospect of India and Pakistan coming to terms and settling their border differences in the foreseeable future, certainly not in the lifetime of the two countries’ present governments and probably not for much longer. Efforts to improve the relationship in other ways will also be precarious and uncertain.

That has been clear for years, but it became even more obvious at the end of last week when planned talks between the two countries’ national security advisers (NSAs) on cross-border terrorism were scuttled in a flood of accusations and counter-accusations.
In the last few days, the war-like rhetoric on both sides from highly placed civil and military officials has assumed alarming proportions. Pakistan has been brandishing the ‘nuclear deterrent’, while on our side no less a person than the Army chief has spoken of ‘short wars’.

“As one who has been witness to all the Indo-Pak conflicts from 1947 onwards, I must sound a note of caution,” he said in a statement.

Singh, whose father Maharaja Hari Singh had agreed to accede to India ..

Dear Pakistan, Our GDP is 8 times yours, our Nukes are 3 times yours, our Army is 4 times yours (3rd largest in the world), we fought 2 wars and won both of them, we have Nuclear Submarines and Nuclear Aircraft Carriers, our economic rate had an increase of 7.2% in 2015 (Highest on the Planet) while yours was just over 2%, we have been in space and have reached Mars, we are collaborating with NASA to put a man on Mars along with the rest of the world, we have never had a Military coup because unlike you… we are a Stable Nation even though we are 100 times more diverse. We are a Secular Nation not a Sharia one. Our development in Infrastructure and Technology is far ahead of you. Only thing you beat us at is the number of footballs you produce per year and the number of terrorists you pour into the world especially into Afghanistan and India.


The thing is, we aren’t gonna feel bad for being better and greater than you. We worked hard for that. Please stop trying to compete with us. You’re too far behind. There is a race between India and China. (It’s a friendly one and China is winning. That keeps us trying to push forward. We don’t kill each other at the border. We know how to be Allies) There is no Pakistan in the race even though you guys try and pretend you’re there too. So you want “Self- Respect”, then gain it from the world. I can name you 100s of pathetic things which happen in India. But that’s our problem, and we are working on it. We don’t let it leak out on the rest of the world so that they have a problem too. Control your people, kill your terrorists and you’ll automatically gain respect. Feed Osama everyday and give him a house next to an Army Base and you’ll automatically lose respect. Kindly know your place. Thinking that you are actually running alongside India in a race is only fooling yourselves. Please buck up, then maybe compare us together. 🙂 Your Neighbor who got you independence, India

Ankur Roy

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