Pakistan MEDIA PRAISING MODI Speech in US Congress – Saying “Dekho MODI ka CONFIDENCE”

by ultadin | 05/07/2016 8:32 pm

Pakistan MEDIA PRAISING MODI Speech in US Congress – Saying “Dekho MODI ka CONFIDENCE”


Americans did not give that kind of welcome to Nawaz Sharif which was given to Mr Modi. The reason is obvious. Nawaz Sharif is PM of Pakistan, but the Americans know that his powers are curtailed and he is almost a puppet in the hand of the Generals. So He was given very ordinary welcome, to the extent that the American Foreign Secretary was addressing Mr Sharif as “Nawaz, Listen, Nawaz, listen” !! Then the other source of authority, General Rahil Sharif was simply treated as a General from Pakistan. The americans could not treat him, in public or private, as the head of Pakistani State. Who is to blame for this? Certainly not Americans !! When Musharraf asked for a visa to USA while he was in London, he was told to go back to Pakistan and apply from there. So, it is the Pakistanis who make life difficult for themselvess. If the Pakistanis, lock stock and barrel, go to USA and keep on asking for money, no wonder they get treated like that.

Pak media criticizing it’s own PM, doesn’t look nice. What is wrong if a person is nervous, every person will have nervous at any point in their life. Hitler was a good speaker, so does that mean he is any good. Do not judge a person by their silence nature or nervousness.

Modiji is one of our best PM.He is patriotic sincere hardworking for all Indians no matter religion caste r creed.He works 20hours a day no break’s r holiday’s for modiji he is going to develop India much faster than any other PM of India during their term in office..we love him he is the best.


our pm was using a teleprompter for your kind information. yes we admire him. but we the people of India, will judge him by the things he would deliver.

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