Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam didn’t do Iftaar Party ! Was he wrong ?

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam didn’t do Iftaar Party ! Was he wrong ?

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam didn’t do Iftaar Party ! Was he wrong ? Use money for poor kids ! Was he he less patriotic ! Wise and secular Indian must think before making any comments

Ved Vohra He is a pig. A brainless misguided person. These are also part of the people who have brought congress and the country down.
Shame on them. They are a blot on india

Nitin Agrawal 1st word on Baluchistan, nwfp, gilgit, balTIstan, pok, waziristan is not spoken yet n some delusional souls are trying to utter the last word on Kashmir – haha gud luck 😀

Puttachar Niranjan Murthy For Diggy only those attend Iftar party wearing skullcaps are patriotic? Idiot doesn’t know human relations are different from religious practices!! After all what else these filthy Congis do other than appeasing minority for just sake of votes only to grab power?

Ravy Mishra Till digvijay gets this I will solve 5 exercises of algebra, though I failed twice in maths.
If you kniw what I mean.

Sudhir Ranjan Dash This is the solid reply to diggijee, what after it? You only playing politics to conquer power not for nation.


Nitin Gonarkar If Digivijay singh attempts suicide.. that will be considered as patriotic move 😂😂😂😂

Sreekanth S Pillai If u can have freedom of speech and expression. Then modi can also his religious freedom

A Ganga Viswanathn Diggy – a crazy nut

Sujir Nayak Digvijay should be sent on honeymoon!

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  1. C M Amrtheswaran
    C M Amrtheswaran 12 July, 2016, 08:28

    Kalam was not thinking about next elections and had no need to create vote bank or a constituency.

    Prior to the days of P V, there were no ifftars. It was only he who made this innovative method and all the senseless politicians including those in the BJP have started celebrating ifftars, to whom among them, the contestants, the minorities will choose to vote. All of them are wasting their time in this modern Swayamvar.

    Periodically, the minorities garland the party which emerge best in minorities by forgetting the benefits it received earlier.

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