Donald Trump Warns of Massive Economic Collapse 2016

Donald Trump Warns of Massive Economic Collapse 2016

Donald Trump Warns of Massive Economic Collapse 2016

The U.S can only stand and stare as China teases Saudi Arabia away from America’s influence. And future. Yes. Money is useless. Especially when those billions/trillions of dollars are held in foreign holdings and come back flooding the U.S markets. The Yuan will, then, own the U.S dollar on the pretext that it will be the Yuan which will be the only currency that could buy u.s dollars at discounted rates. Why? The U.S has exploited/exhausted the the dollars reserve currency status since WW2. Only the Yuan could finance this tremendous and colossal dollar liability. Investors see this and bank on it. Treasury bonds will be the safest hedge as this transition (collapse) occurs. However, very few will even notice or take the time to adjust their positions. And because there are far too many ignorant humans than there are confident, critical and long term thinking individuals, the majority of people will be the victim of there own ignorance. by Kristy Niederkorn

Economic collapse?!!! You mean my $1.63 is going to collapse? It won’t even bend! It’s all coinage. – Oh, what a limp attempt at humor that is. I apologize. Well, we won’t be as lucky as The Great Depression folks. No corners to stand on selling apples. No apples. No more selling pencils. No one uses them. – Oops, more lame humor. Well, what am I supposed to do? Run down to the one food store on my island and purloin the last cans of potted meat I can find? Start putting little cages out for my huge “water bugs” so that I can make a protein casserole?…Funny? – Nope. Venezuelan people are running out of pets to eat. Rat supply is waning. (I’m NOT kidding about that!) and so suddenly, their next door neighbors are looking kind of toothsome. Well, I’m sure glad I kept my Boy Scout handbook. I know what plants I can eat. But, sad to say, I can look out my apartment once a week and see the “landscapers” hacking them to death and then watering everything green with insecticide. Gosh, I wish I was an alcoholic. But then, how many teetotalers have turned survivalist and are stashing shelves of brandy in their basements? Just in case….. I know. Save cardboard. If it’s not from a package made in China, it won’t be tainted with formaldehyde and I can eat it. Get that “full” feeling. It’s only ply-wood and starchy glue, right (= flour???). Carbohydrates! – Sorry, I realize I’m not funny. I’m not serious about Economic Collapse. I personally did that years ago. – I will stop now and walk to the store and buy Spam. I’ll take it home and carve it into clever T-bone steak shapes. Dinner everyone! By Gail Jarvis

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