Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton – Who’s BEST for India?

Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton – Who’s BEST for India?

On The Newshour, TIMES NOW’s Editor-in-Chief Arnab Goswami, and panelists — Shalabh Kumar, Chairman AVG Advanced Technologies (Donald Trump Supporter); Ravi Batra, Senior Advocate, New York; Ray Locker, National Security Editor, USA Today; and Tighe Barry, Activist CODEPINK — discuss Shalabh Kumar pledging his millions to the Trump campaign, and as to who is better for India – Trump or Hillary.

Donald Trump wants to track Muslims or disallow them to enter USA so he is a racist, bigot and so on….then what would you call Hillary who kills Muslims and destroys Muslim countries like Libya, who supported Iraq war, bombing Syria and arming Syrian terrorists? Is Hillary “The savior of Muslims?” She is just a wolf wearing a mask. This propaganda carried on by western media is hypocritical & ridiculous.

We live in a world where no leader can ignore or isolate any section of society or part of the world. We are all interconnected and in reality no country can isolate a particular community. Tackling terrorism, climate change and economic development should be & will be the key focus no matter who gets elected.

Donald Trump repeatedly asked “if we have nukes why don’t we use them”. He also said he wont hesitate to use them if he wants to on Europe. LOL Donald Trump might very well be last president US will have.

Hindus and Muslims will truly be united when both sides especially Muslims are honest about their inner feelings and do some self introspection. you cannot say you’re Indian and secretly support the enemies of India and bring Islamist Supremecy ideology into the equation. Because Hindus are by and large a very tolerant society and the religion doesn’t espouse hatred towards other religion doesn’t mean Muslims can take advantage of that and propagate your hate filled ideology.


This debate just proved my point, Hilary and Trump are the same see how many things the supporters agree upon. I wish people of America wake up and so does the world. I request humans all around the world put forth humanity first denounce your caste, ethnicity, religion etc and first put humanity that’s when we can even start the walk towards progress. Progress is not conquering everyone by guns with borders but rather uniting ourselves to create solutions for cancer and invest to protect mother nature. Magizchi (Cheers!)

I vote for Trump to keep Muslims away from America. where ever there is Muslim majority the minorities face terrible consequences, even in America places like Dearborn Michigan, go check some youtube videos on dearborn. it will give a clear picture why Americans don’t want Muslims. Indians are used to Muslims killing raping and looting them for 800 yrs but Americans are not. let Americans decide whats good for them.

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