DonaId Trump: have proposed the largest tax reduction of ANY candidate – who has run for President this year

DonaId Trump:  have proposed the largest tax reduction of ANY candidate – who has run for President this year
Vernon Thacker I will vote for the first time ever in this election. I’ve waited for someone to run for the right reasons instead of to serve their self. Trump is our only hope at taking care of our veterans, getting the corruption out of Washington, and putting America first.

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Seth Nichols Our election process is corrupt, non-Democratic and non-Republican. It is a processes that imposes tyranny on me and my countrymen. Unless a candidate for President achieves 15% in national polling they are barred and banned from participation in national presidential debates. This means it’s almost impossible for a 3rd party candidate for President to have any semblance of a fair and equal voice or for the people of this country to have a fair and equal choice in the Presidential election.

I am ashamed of our political process. It’s time to peacefully dismantle our corrupt federal election processes and give the government back to the American people.

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DeAnn Golden Hudgens
DeAnn Golden Hudgens Policy is a good subject for speeches but it’s like preaching to the choir. Unfortunately, too boring for most media to cover! There needs to ads, played at prime times, about Hillary’s lies, liberal plans & policies, and Supreme Court appointments. There must be a coordinated plan to get your messages to America.

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Billie Fagan
Billie Fagan Please run commercials such as this on TV All I see watching the Olympics are Hillary adds…..and all the commentators are in her corner that is obvious….You need to spend some cash on TV advertising hopeful messages that leave people feeling positive and expectant of a better future….To make America great again you need to show the younger people what that means….as far as they have seen and learned America has never been great…. Go Trump!

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Karen Liptrap
Karen Liptrap I’m not thrilled with Trump’s mouth, and I’ve never made a secret of that. I DO believe he’s a far better choice than anyone else has been in as long as I can remember. He’s not a politician, first bonus. He speaks his mind (even if the way he says it worries me), second bonus. He also seems to genuinely care about us, not big business, not the rest of the world who stand with their hands out all the time. If Trump can learn to speak like a world leader, and not get us all killed, he will be the best president this nation has seen in a very long time.

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Robert Cathers
Robert Cathers i was watching cnn “clinton national nut” anyway that a-hole woman on there was saying that the poor already dont pay tax’s..well i do and i got more going out then coming in so i know im at least one of the poorest people out there.cant stand when they say crap like that with out looking around and talking to the poor!! i grown to hate CNN…we need you trump!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Judy Gray Harsson
Judy Gray Harsson Mr. Trump, you have my vote but you have to get back to the issues. Go out and meet your people who are backing you. Let Hillary bring her own self down. She is a liar and crocked. Stay on point! Continue assuring us that with your help America is going to be great again. That we are going to seek God’s will and guidance. If we have more years like the last 8 years, we are doomed. Stick to the issues! God Bless You and remember think before you speak.

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Don Stults
Don Stults Love ya Trump…..but, your tax plan will increase the National debt, not good. Furthermore, folks need to have a “stake” in America so everyone should pay at least a minimum income tax, say $100 per year. I like your plan to have a “flat tax,” eliminating the complex filing process we currently have.

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Bob Weaver
Bob Weaver Kenzo Ishazuri, you asked how I can support someone like Trump. I do not like Trump, but I not only do not like the Queen Bee, but I do not trust her. She is a liar and she cares else about this country than her leader, Obama does. She only cares about the Clintons and how much money they can make. Trump at least as business sense, and knows how to hire the people who can do the job. Look at his pick for the AG. Great pick. Trump may be a bully, but he’s our bully.

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Sherry Jabaay
Sherry Jabaay Mr Trump, I just saw your speech which started out good but then you started about Hillary sleeping. If she is not up to being president ok, but say it that way. Dont make fun or it will come back yo bite you in the butt. Be safe. WIN win Win

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Richard Baker
Richard Baker I think Mr Trump
Is saying because Obama pulled the troops out Irac so early,
Have room for terrorists to organize.See More

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Ken Lewis
Ken Lewis First I agree with virtually all of Trump’s stated positions…but PLEASE someone have the steadfastness to strongly recommend he stop his knee jerk reactions to anything the opposition throws at him…he MUST begin to wear the mantle of a serious PresSee More

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Wesley O Duinn
Wesley O Duinn You left out a few words, after you say “tax deduction” you forgot to put in the words “to the super rich” small typo but we will forgive you, after all we expect something stupid every time you open your mouth or attempt to type

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Joe Anderson
Joe Anderson Speaking of taxes, people are saying that the reason you won’t release your tax returns is because you contribute to NAMBLA. Is this true?

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James J Catanzariti
James J Catanzariti The right plan the right man. “Make America Prosperous Again” keep the Manufacturing Industries and the jobs in America!..”Vote Trump/Pence 2016.” PS Tax Decrease.

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Dave Morris
Dave Morris There is a prayer movement sweeping across the country for Donald Trump. More and more roadblocks are popping up to stop him. If he is your choice, please share a prayer at 10 am and 7 pm that God will take him to the presidency. Feel free to share this post.

Delilah Mc
Delilah Mc People don’t realize that if you lose, you don’t lose, the country loses. You get to go back to a very nice life and can live elsewhere with your family if this country goes to pot with Clinton.

It is the middle class and poor that have to put up with her getting rid of our rights.See More

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Wiktor Gorowski
Wiktor Gorowski All this people who hate Trump need to go to live in Paris for at least two weeks. Brexit was a very clear message that people in EU are sick and tired of the Elites and Establishment telling them how and with whom to live. This is going to happen right through US. We have a drug problem. These islamic terrorism will not stop. It isn’t Muslim we are worried about. It is the fanatical islamic terrorism that hijack a religion to do so !! How you were raised reflects a big part of who you become. We need to see a strong,powerful and patriotic America and we don’t need another 9/11 !!! CNN won’t tell you but I will Mr. Donald J.Trump is only choice to save America !!! Good Luck to the White House and Make America Great Again !!!

Andrea Kanter
Andrea Kanter My kids pay so much in taxes, they can’t save up for a down payment on a house. They work hard and deserve better cars, better clothes, eating out more than 1/month. We were in such a better financial place 10 yrs ago. So were they (and they were in their 20’s!). #TrumpWillFixIt

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Angie Gladding
Angie Gladding My husband and I pay top dollar taxes because of our income level and we don’t have any kids to claim. And I don’t care if you need to raise taxes a little, then raise taxes a little. My financial contribution to improving my country. But…(always a but) whoever is in charge better hit the floor running after their win!

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Shane Haltiwanger
Shane Haltiwanger America is drowning in a nickel and dime tax and fee system. Income tax, sales tax, property tax, death taxes, no-reason fees, “convenience fees”, communication taxes, etc etc. It’s absurd. We pay taxes on top of fees on top of taxes. There’s no surprise retail sales are garbage, home ownership is at the lowest level in forever, and small business growth is stagnant.

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Matteo Lo Bianco
Matteo Lo Bianco How bout no income tax at all for families that make combined income of less then $150.k per year. It would spike the economy as people would have more cash too spend which would generate sales tax .For companies that prove that 80% of their labor force is in America,receive tax incentives that would grow if more of there business personnel were based here.Americans right now who are enjoying a steak dinner don’t realize that there are only 4 major meat packing facilities, in the country. These Facilities located in border towns & they provide company transportation daily to workers too travel south of the border .This has lower there labor cost cause they are not pay the same scale.American jobs Gone .The very wealthy are always going to find a way to pay there less amount of taxes.America has build more Prisons in the last 2 decades then Universities .Taxes ,taxes is just the old worn out dish cloth of political rhetoric that wipes across campaigns every election cycle .

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Paul Peterson
Paul Peterson The only way to grow small business is to lower the tax rate, which will increase the velocity of money, therefore increasing the amount of taxes. Basic economics. Then you don’t need as many government programs. Put people to work. Next, reduce the redundancy in government programs that in effect, will lower taxes. The burden of government is the biggest problem we face.

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Billy Twowolf Hall
Billy Twowolf Hall The play to figure this out getting your phone books check all the local small businesses see how many of them charge over $15 an hour for their services to you find out how much they would have to charge you if they had to pay their employees a minimum of $15 an hour then say goodbye to all the small businesses in America because no one would be able to afford their services anymore Hillary will destroy mom-and-pop America

Jack Dedrick
Jack Dedrick Only idiots aka Hillary supporters,don’t see the benefit of lowering taxes for companies. I have seen interviews with company heads saying corparate taxes are to high. If they are lowered like Trump will do, good paying jobs will pour back into the country.

Teni Northern
Teni Northern Trump has always been my first choice !! i was able to look past his ego and his very blunt way of saying things yes he has a tendency to get on my nerves too but that is his public speaking way not his business sit down at the table and make a deal way!!! i looked into why in the hell would someone with all his power and money want this horrible job?! why would he put his family at risk give up his time at home with Barron and Melaina and give up his privacy his mansion to live in the WHITE HOUSE omg what a step down… these sacrifices made me look deep into this man’s agenda and i only found a brilliant mind, a patriotic america loving person with a huge heart who wants to brings us back to the real america.. yes his ego is big but for that he will appoint the best of the best to help him succeed!! he will not fail it is not in his books he does not know the meaning of fail!! he will not look stupid, so he is not above letting others lead him in the right direction.. yes i wish he would think before he speaks, but you gotta give him one thing he never lets it slow him down. he just keeps plowing forward fighting a big fight every single day he has more to fight than any other candidate has every had and he keeps winning.. this is a leader to me!!! he does speak his mind at the wrong times but he was never a politician so we can not expect him to be polished as one!! my family and everyone i know is behind him 100 percent!!!! #trump2016

Bruce Gavin
Bruce Gavin A tax reduction with an outstanding $20 trillion debt, and annual $2 trillion deficit, is just plain wrong.

American wealth is consumed by servicing the debt, and the flight of wealth offshore.

Cut gov’t spending until the budget is balanced with the current revenue. As of now, we are $2 trillion in the red, every year.

After the budget is balanced, leave the tax structure alone until the surplus has paid off the national debt.

Only then, can you adjust the tax rates to balanced with reduced gov’t spening.

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Ken Phillippi
Ken Phillippi Odd how it doesn’t mention how those tax cuts will mostly benefit people like him, and will add $10 trillion more to the debt. More interesting is how those jobs he claims will come roaring back, all left the US just about the time Reagan cut taxes for the wealthy and business. When will Trump start bringing back the overseas jobs that further enrich him?

Roy Recio
Roy Recio Hmm.. a billionaire who has filed bankruptcy 4 times and has not disclosed his tax information and who basically has built his career off of the hard work of the working poor has a tax plan for me to make my life better. Is that, right? This is all from a man who kaughs at paying taxes but uses all facets of the govt. Including the secret service now that we all pay for.

Marie Valerio DeNicola
Marie Valerio DeNicola Please concentrate on family owned businesses which comprise 80 to 90% of ALL businesses. The rhetoric puts all of corporations into one category and deem them evil and greedy. As a small business owner, at the level I am taxed, it takes money away from me hiring more employees, investing in infrastructure and technology. This is a STRONG message I have not heard? HELP! Look at the statistics of FAMILY owned businesses. We are all clumped in with all of the huge businesses so the left only sees what they believe are greedy corporations. The facts need to be told.

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Mike Blippy
Mike Blippy Theirs a guy from Utah if he gets 1000 signatures by Monday he’ll be able to compete. Guys from BYU. Selfish twit I think. Because Trump doesn’t have a political background. If your 35 or over you can run for presidency; as long as you have the money.

Jim Stokes
Jim Stokes With education….move the first two years of college which are general studies down to high school levels. Then push the high school subjects down to middle school. Start early. Then you would have 4-5 year typical college path down to 2-3 years which would lower the student loans.

Liste Gudrun
Liste Gudrun America ins’t the highest taxing country on earth. When this would be the truth it is more sadly and a scandal that America didn’t present Universal healthcare for their citizen like all other countries are doing.

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Jack Emmite
Jack Emmite I often wonder, if Democrats and their tax and spend programs work, why is it that places like Detroit and California and West Virginia have experienced devastating losses in jobs, industry and infrastructure

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Dennis Carr Sr.
Dennis Carr Sr. Want Bernie supporters Please talk about Legalizing Marijuana now before Hillary does, too many young people in jail because of Marijuana it’s stupid, Marijuana reform long overdue
Go Trump decriminalization
Why do you think all of the young people support Bernie and now johnson because they want to legalize Marijuana, get those supporters now

Jeanne McIntyre
Jeanne McIntyre Undecided voters do you want to see high taxes, high regulations and especially LOWER WAGES with the people Hillary will be bringing in more illegals, THOUSANDS unknown Syrian refugees, asylum seekers, foreign workers….all these people love big government and guess who will get the jobs first for lower pay…..the middle class will Shrink….Republican Representatives do it for your party and get conservative supreme judges

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Lorraine A Kenny
Lorraine A Kenny Is it just me that finds it funny that our Government is more upset about the emails being hacked by Russia (per say) then what is actually in the hacked emails???? Now don’t get me wrong, if it was, in fact Russia, no, they should NOT be hacking government emails, however can’t we deal with that while we deal with the contends? Corruption!! Lies! Betrayal! This is like the person who gets caught cheating and is pissed of at their spouse for snooping! Everyone is entitled to some privacy, but which is worse, that fact that someone snooped or that you got caught?!. It’s kinda like, “Don’t shoot the messenger” For all those Hillary supporters; I get that you don’t like Trump, he can be loud, arrogant and doesn’t always say the right things, but how much evidence of corruption do you need before you realize she’s a liar? Doesn’t actions speak louder than words? Seriously people wake the f@#k up, there is no possible way you can be that ignorant.

Phil Cousar
Phil Cousar Mr. Trump, why on earth was Foley sitting behind you?? Terrible optics. Your campaign staff needs to vet people better! I’m not happy to see that, as the Clinton campaign is sure to use this as yet another distraction.

Lina Pekler
Lina Pekler Equally important is the proposal to cut regulation. Regulation, just like taxation, has to have an upper limit. Otherwise it suffocates business. This point is best stressed repeatedly – if we want the economy to grow the regulations imposed by Washington have to be severely curtailed.

Adam Woodward
Adam Woodward Trump is now unquestionably acting as what the intelligence community calls an ” Unwilling Agent” for our political and ideologocial enemies. He has anhilated the Republican brand beyond repair. Now he’s chipping away at the American brand and global stability. Where is the Constitutionalist outrage??

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Kojo Ferguson
Kojo Ferguson “..Who has RAN this year”. How about making America speak correct english again. The level of ignorance of trump is astounding. Of course, if you support a man like him you won’t see what’s wrong in the first place.

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Ken Yancey
Ken Yancey Start watching something other than Fox and broaden your mind. Fox is going to be 0-3 trying to get a president elected since 08! Maybe it’s time to quit with all the crap and start being a REAL news outlet rather than the propaganda machine that it is. News flash….Hate and deception don’t sell anymore!

Billy Bishop
Billy Bishop so what is the truth and who will be counting the votes?http://endoftheamericandream.com/…/a-spanish-company…

Iris Crawford
Iris Crawford Donald stay focused on your winning points, jobs, Isis, & immigration…..Hillary is totally corrupt , she has so much baggage to use against her….& whats with rumors of her health?

Hiro Yatabe
Hiro Yatabe That is right. Instead of collecting taxes to give weapons and military protection to our “allies” , that money should be invested in the working class of USA and creating more jobs.

ID Kelley
ID Kelley Do not ignore the senior ladies that sit behind you at the rallies. I saw one trying several times to shake your hand ( she was second row behind you ) and reached out her hand to you several times. You ignored her. We want you to be especially kind to seniors- male and female- as well as babies.

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Mac Pelao
Mac Pelao Trump said he will keep the mandate under Obamacare that fines those who choose to not buy health insurance… so he wants to get rid of Obamacare, yet he wants to keep one of the major things people HATE about Obamacare?

IRock Sixx
IRock Sixx I hope you are going to be FOR and WITH and OF the people and actually listen to all of us. WE know what’s wrong also so please let US help YOU so we get a fair chance at feeling like a real American again!

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Patricia McCullough
Patricia McCullough firstly it would be nice if he could use proper grammar and stop mangling the language. However, i guess even that is not important to those who find him appealing – I for one find him terrifying –

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Alayne SanMarco
Alayne SanMarco I am sick of being taxed on everything that most are not. Like cigarettes and beer. Tax toilet paper. Most everyone uses it and then it would be fair. All across the bored all will pitch in then instead of making addicts pay for the screw ups each state does with their budgets.

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Steve Ochrymowicz
Steve Ochrymowicz Just a quick history lesson John Barron. The war that you were for in Iraq was started by a R President. He appointed Paul Bremmer who fired the Iraq Republican Gard troops. Over 100,000 of them. Many revolted and were imprisoned and they ultimately became ISIS. Just so ya know son….

Lou McDonald
Lou McDonald How do you pay for it Mr Trump? You also have huge spending plans; border wall, massive deportations, military spending, infrastructure spending. Cutting taxes and increasing spending. How does that work?

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Adrian Atkins
Adrian Atkins People stop this adding more candidates to this election! They can’t do that this late in the game! The 50 Gop’s and Cruz, and Romney, and this green party, and this other guy! They can’t do that! No Trump, no vote! no Republican party!

Kathy Bingham Griffin
Kathy Bingham Griffin Mr. Trump I’m trying to support and vote for you, but some of the things you are saying lately are quite out there. Please, please think before you speak. I don’t want Hillary for President! She’s crooked and needs to go away.

Carolyn Marie Jensen
Carolyn Marie Jensen I have voted Republican my whole life, but thanks to you insulting women, Latinos, Muslims, Mexicans and our President that I did not vote for this year I will vote for another dishonest person such as yourself, Hillary. I know what I’m getting with HiSee More

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Len Murray
Len Murray We can still save this election! #DumpTrump and put proven, TRUSTworthy leaders into office that can govern and get things done. Our country is not a reality show for egomaniacs nor is the Presidential election just some rock to break a glass ceiling. It’s more than that. We can do better!Gary Johnson and Bill Weld are popular, proven two term Republican Governors of Democratic states. They can get things done!

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Travis Starr
Travis Starr “You don’t sell products, benefits, or solutions – you sell feelings.”
-Trump University 2010 PlaybookSee More

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Lawrence Martin
Lawrence Martin US financial subsidization cuts to foreign countries and the UN and NATO is one of the first steps………if the US is called to step in Militarily, it should be as a paid for service “Security” company, with the money up front………….cannot wait to see the great deals US makes under Trump , as the US is made Great Again

Ken Wisniewski
Ken Wisniewski The media is so in the tank for hillary that they are attacking you tax proposal , If I were you I’d show up at every rally with the DEBT CLOCK RUNNING IN THE BACKGROUND …………..TRUMP IS OUR ONLY HOPE !

Pamela Lee
Pamela Lee I can wrap my mind around what Trump says…The Media women…Hillary…and black commentators make my skin crawl….it’s so PATHETIC….God save my soul, by grace!📯🚂🗽 It’s torture!💈

Brian Messer
Brian Messer This is the kind of post we as Americans look for. I don’t care about the bashing of opponents, I want to hear what you plan to do. We all know Hillary is crooked and deceiving. She’s plans to carry out Obamas plan of self destruction of this Great Nation. I just ask that you focus on reversing their plans.

Pat Chicas
Pat Chicas And I promise that every tax dollar I do not have to pay will be spent only on products and services made or provided in the USA.

Not a penny for foreign travel. Never for foreign media, and absolutely nothing to any company or manufacturer outside of the USA!See More

George Gaerttner
George Gaerttner I think it’s time to start putting more ads on TV. Hillary is on there every ten minutes here in Florida. Some people may be brain washed by the time Donald starts putting his message out. Start now.

Adrian Atkins
Adrian Atkins Trump meant the power of the voters, and numbers! Obama is the one that said, “IF they bring a knife.. we will bring a gun!’ Obama was promoting violence, and bloodshed, and division! Not Trump! NO Trump, no votes, no Republican Party! Dismantle it! No Corrupt GOP”S 50, No Corrupt Mitt Romney, No Corrupt Cruz, and no Republican Party! JUst the Red party for Trump!

Kathy Troiani
Kathy Troiani I hope you read these comments — nothing other than winning the lottery would make me happier than to see you become our next President but I am afraid that these “foolish” comments that come out of your mouth might cost you this election —

Beloved Sal N Claudia
Beloved Sal N Claudia Yeah!!! How can we trust someone (Hillary Clinton) who is paying her way to the top. Has nothing to do with race, but all to do with the well being of our country! We need someone (Trump) that will remain truthful to themselves regardless of the fact.

Carl Lambeth
Carl Lambeth You also need to stick with the kind of speech you just gave the Home builder`s association. I was glued to the tv, it was a great heart felt speech, not a bunch of holering.STAY ON POINT!!!!

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Jasmin Smith
Jasmin Smith Donald Trump has proposed tax decreases for small business owners! Listen to his rallies and his posts on tax decreases! My husband is a dentist and we pay the federal government more than half of his earnings!

Gail Drost
Gail Drost People, empty promises without a specific plan to reach the goals are worthless. Before you jump on the bandwagon, be sure what you’re supporting. Yes, I’ve been to the Trump website where the grandiose promises are listed but much to my dissapointment, there are no specifics as to what will be done to reach his goals. Don’t trust everything you see. Even salt looks like sugar.

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4 Replies · 44 mins
Shawn Motley
Shawn Motley I can’t wait for Nov. so I can vote!!! GET OUT AND VOTE!!!! Idk why the media is saying texas is going democrat because we are Republican state all the way!!!! # Donald Trump all the way!

Debra L. Ruhl
Debra L. Ruhl We need to see more proposals on policy instead of bashing candidates. I know someone who will vote for hillary because they like Bill. How many others feel the same about Bill?

Keith Rafalko
Keith Rafalko Not True.. Gary Johnson has put together the ultimate tax proposal as a true Republican and Libertarian candidate would. Your a joke and disgrace to all Americans!
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