Bullet points: Following mistakes PM Modi did !

Bullet points: Following mistakes PM Modi did !

Bullet points: following mistakes PM Modi did !

1. Made Amit shah as a BJP president who made BJP as a miscalls party

2. All C…..cha as his ministers who did not win election. Naidu , P. Goel, Ravi sankar Prasad, P. Javlekar, Muktar A. Naquivi, Nirmala Sitaraman, basically all these members were party spoke persons during election.

3. Sideline all senior party leaders

4. Made Arun Jaitly as FM as well DM. Arun Jaitly is a KING’S son does not have any touch with ground reality. Basically he is implemented by World bank to weaken Indian Economy. 

5. Loosing in election as well non qualified S Irani as a HR minister.


6. Give time as well opportunity to AKJ as a CM of Delhi.

7. Leave lalu Prasad free to defeat BJP

8. Understanding with Mamta deprived Bengal. Made for each other. 

9. Project Gandhi as national hero side line Netaji.

10. Promote FDI , stop all Indian Industries business.  

11. Unable to pass bills in RS. 

12 Ignore opposition.

13 No action against Sonia and Rahul as well no back up to S Swami

14 Kashmir problem created by American to sell defense equipment and controls china but now American is Indian best friend.

15 Being a PM he thinks he can control everything

16 Weak political game in Uttara khand and A.P

17. Made Susma swraj as a Clark of foreign ministry being as foreign minister

18. Made Gandhi as a nation Hiro a Gujarati, PM him self as a Gujarati, party president as a Gujarati, RBI governor a Gujarati, Advani as a waiting president Gujarati.

19. Basically Modi unable to forget he was a CM of Gujarat now PM of India.

20.Made unwanted comments against Hindus.

21 Making himself as a secular icon like Gandhi.

22. Trapped by western politics in the name black money return, USA made India Pakistan fighting each other to sell war equipment to unrest South east Asia so that Black money will never come back.

23. Made BJP as Modiwadi. Till time is there to rectify otherwise India will see dancing democracy.

Yes PM Modi is an Elected PM of India, he is also my PM but it is my duty to keep him aware that he should talk to his Senior to get the solution.

PM Modi and PM Sarif should talk each other to solve their internal problem and should not involve third countries to solve their problems.



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Bullet points: Following mistakes PM Modi did !

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