The Greatest mid-ocean Submarine transfer in the World

The Greatest mid-ocean Submarine transfer in the World

The Greatest mid-ocean Submarine transfer in the World :

26 April 1943 : Japanese Submarine I-29 rendezvous with the German Submarine U-180 in the Mozambique Channel. Fregattenkapitän(Frigate captain) Werner Musenberg’s Type IXD-1 U-boat left Kiel, Germany on 9th February carrying blueprints of a Type IXC/40 submarine, a sample of German hollow charge (Hafthohlladung HHL 3) and quinine sample for future Japanese shipments, a torpedo tube that holds a gun barrel and ammunition, three cases holding 432 Bold sonar decoys, documents and mail from the German embassy in Tokyo. After a very difficult transfer in the extremely rough sea of a German officer and a signalman from U-180 to I-29, the two submarines continue on a northeasterly course waiting for the seas to moderate.

27 April 1943 : Finally, after 12 hours, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, Abid Hasan and and two Japanese submarine specialists Commander Emi and Lt Commander Tomonaga ride a rubber raft from the German Submarine U-boat 180 to the Japanese Submarine I-29. Eleven tons of cargo is then transferred in three inflatable rafts while both submarines have their torpedo hatches open. The sea was extremely rough and stormy. Later, Japanese Chief Commander Izu Juichi comments that the situation was “a dive-bomber’s dream come true”. After the passengers and cargo transfers are completed, I-29 turns eastward. U-180 then turns toward the Cape of Good Hope for the Atlantic and her base at Bordeaux, France.

6 May 1943 : I-29 disembarks its important passengers at Sabang(Indonesia) harbor on Weh Island, Northwest of Sumatra, instead of Penang to avoid detection by the enemy. At Sabang, Colonel (later Brig Gen) Yamamoto, head of the “Hikari Kikan” spy unit and the Japanese-Indian liaison group, greets Netaji whom he had known in Berlin when Yamamoto was an Assistant Military Attaché there. Later, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose and Yamamoto fly from Sabang via Penang, Manila, Saigon and Formosa, finally arriving on 16th May in Tokyo where Netaji is received by Premier Hideki Tojo and later by the Emperor Hirohito (Showa).

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