Arun Jaitly could be the Sinking Ship of Narendra Modi

Arun Jaitly could be the Sinking Ship of Narendra Modi

Arun Jaitly is the Sinking Ship of Narendra Modi

What a surprise? 2014 was the great turbulence for BJP and Modi waive.    Arun Jaitly lost a winning seat by Navjat Shing Sidhu in 2014. He is being nominated in Rajya Sabha given portfolio leader of House of Rajyasahaba. Modi Ji gifted him two important portfolios Defense and Finance. He is totally failure to pass all important Bills. Already this government passed two years.

After a certain time he got relief from Defense Ministry due to over Pressure.

Finance Minister of India He has made India’s GDP 7 in Paper. Though he is a Finance Minister of India, he has no knowledge in Economics, professionally he is a lawyer. He has no idea of the condition of below the poverty line people of India because he has the royal blood in his vein, the son of a king.

His intention is clear here that he is not to develop the country but to buy weapons to make a chaotic situation in India and collapse the economy of India. He spent 65000 crore to buy Raphael from France just for the sake of war. No sign of humanity is seen here.

PM Modi collects money from common people by Pradhan Montri Jan Dhan Yojana to make a fund. But all are in vein. Minister like Arun Jaitly drains money and uses it to buy weapons.


Not only that, he is gradually trying to make FDI mandatory in all sectors. As a result of it, the peasants are committing suicide day by day. No sign of growth of Indian industry is there. Even he is applying wrong theory of GDP.

Let me tell you that, the price of common things became sky high because of the resources bought from abroad for the war. Because of it, common people specially who are below the poverty line suffer a lot.

Some think tank thinks that he is protecting corrupt leaders of All parties. In what capacity he could be a finance Minister, Neither he close to RSS nor he care about RSS economic policy.  Can it is possible that RSS leaders are supporting Arun Jaitly?  Why Modi has selected Arun Jaitly as his finance Minister? Some think thank thanks he has been planted by World Bank.

Black money will never come back under the Finance Ministry lead by Arun Jaitly.

All the sectors such as constructional, pharmaceutical and agricultural, mining are at stake and he is denying being responsible.

By his narrow political tricks, he is making a big gap between all the Sr. leaders and Modi just to gain his own position.

It is seen in international politics that, whenever the economy of a country is getting problems, the ruling leaders of that country make a chaotic situation by war and divert the concentration of common people. Current situation of India is just like that. It is just to make an issue on war and make people forget all about the collapsed economical condition of India. There is no capability of Arun Jaitley traced to get the crisis solved .He is still in position because he is the most trustable leader to Modi.

At last of this article it can be said that Arun Jaitely should not be as a finance minister but he could be a fixing Minister or step down because of his incapability country may suffer lots and make a space for a right leader to rise the country into a peaceful and developed one.

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Arun Jaitly is the Sinking Ship of Narendra Modi

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