Check the whole of this site given below:Terrorist movement, Bhagat Singh terrorist ? Rahul Gandhi a big hero?

Check the whole of this site given below:Terrorist movement, Bhagat Singh terrorist ? Rahul Gandhi a big hero?

Moral: A message conveyed or a lesson to be learned from a story or event.

Since time immemorial, moral stories have been taught in educational institutes to inculcate values, convey positive message and shape up the minds of young students. The impact of these stories on such fragile minds is tremendous because it builds their character which in turn leads to shaping up of the society as well. Hence, writers of moral stories have a much greater responsibility of maintaining their own morale so that they can guide a whole new generation of children and thus a prosperous nation.

Unfortunately, of late, some of the school text book writers have deviated from the moral values and are either misleading today’s youngsters and also propagating hatred which might have a major negative impact going forward through their so called moral story books and other school text books.

For example, here is a snapshot of chapter from a textbook taught in primary school which tries to portray a political aspirant on the lines of the Mahatma:


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I think many would agree that it looks more like a political campaign but has unfortunately found itself in school textbooks.


Here is an example of how something as sensitive as communal riots have been featured in a moral science book (authored by Delhi Public School faculty and published by Vikas Books) which might spread hatred within a classroom itself:


Firstly, it is surprising to see that children are being taught about riots which are highly sensitive. Secondly, it tries to mislead children by stating that it was an act of only one particular religion while official facts & figures show that it was a two sided clash which was triggered due to an act of burning of coaches. By selectively stating stories and exaggerating them, I think the intention of the story is to provocate young minds with misleading information leading to hatred and disrupt communal harmony in the long run.

Here is an example of how some of our martyrs like Bhagat Singh are being labelled “terrorists” in school text books:


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While children today are being exposed to mass media which shows anti-national elements as terrorists, these books which are labeling our martyrs as terrorists seem to be trying to convey that martyrs who fought for our freedom were also anti-national elements.

These were some of the instances of school study materials which questions the morale of writers that I was able to consolidate (Thanks to inputs from Vivek & Ankur). If you have screenshots of more such study material which are creating a negative impact among youngsters, share them here so that it can be featured in this article to spread awareness.

Here is an excerpt from a textbook by a reputed publisher and followed in several schools:

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By publishing such hatred chapters against non-vegetarians, the intention of the textbook seems to be to propagate animosity towards each others in classrooms.

Most of the parents are not aware of such a propaganda being spread in schools. Share this with your friends so that become aware of this issue and scrutinize their children’s books regularly and take necessary steps to avoid them falling for these propaganda by teaching them the right facts & positive moral values.

Source: http://guruprasad.net/posts/the-morale-of-school-textbooks-moral-story-writers/

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