Pakistani Admiral tries to Insult me by calling me “Son of Hanuman” I thought it was a complements

Pakistani Admiral tries to Insult me by calling me “Son of Hanuman” I thought it was a complements

Tarek Fatah (born November 20, 1949) is a Canadian writer, broadcaster, secularist and liberal activist.

Fatah is the founder of the Muslim Canadian Congress and served as its communications officer and spokesperson. Fatah advocates gay rights, a separation of religion and state, opposition to sharia law, and advocacy for a “liberal, progressive form” of Islam. Some of his activism and statements have been met with criticism from Canadian Muslim groups.

Tarek Fatah was born in Karachi, Pakistan, where his family had settled following the Partition of India. Fatah is of Punjabi origin. Although he graduated with a degree in biochemistry from the University of Karachi, Fatah entered journalism as a reporter for the Karachi Sun in 1970, and was an investigative journalist for Pakistan Television. He left Pakistan and settled in Saudi Arabia, before emigrating to Canada

He became involved in the Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP) and worked on the staff of Premier Bob Rae. Fatah was an NDP candidate in the 1995 provincial election but was unsuccessful. He subsequently worked for Howard Hampton.

In July 2006, he left the NDP to support Bob Rae’s candidacy for the Liberal Party of Canada’s leadership. In an opinion piece published in Toronto’s Now Magazine, Fatah wrote that he decided to leave the NDP because of the establishment of a “faith caucus” which he believes will open the way for religious fundamentalists to enter the party.However, after Rae’s defeat by Stéphane Dion, Fatah condemned similar racial and religious organizing activity in the Liberal Party, arguing in a Globe and Mail editorial that Tamil, Sikh, Kurdish and Islamist Muslim leaders had engaged in “blatant efforts to wield political muscle,” “bargaining the price of their cadre of delegates” and creating a “political process that feeds on racial and religious exploitation.” “I respect the diversity of Canada,” he wrote, “but I want to celebrate what unites us, not what divides us into tiny tribes that can be manipulated by leaders who sell us to the highest bidder.”

At a press conference on October 2, 2008, Fatah sharply criticized the New Democratic Party (NDP). Fatah stated that he was a lifetime social democrat who had supported the NDP for 17 years but that he could no longer be affiliated with that party. He claimed that the NDP began opening its doors to Islamists under Alexa McDonough and that, under Jack Layton, he had seen them “flood” into the party. Fatah stated that Islamists in the NDP have pursued a campaign to instill a sense of victimhood in Muslim youth.


In early 2011, Fatah said that he received a threat via Twitter. Fatah contacted Toronto Police Service and later met with two police officers from 51 Division. Fatah said that police intelligence officers, one a Muslim officer who had shut down a previous investigation into a death threat, shut down the investigation and claimed there was no threat.[5][6] Fatah criticized the Toronto Police over the incident.

In a 2015 Toronto Sun article, Fatah wrote that he would be voting for Conservative leader Stephen Harper in the 2015 federal elections, while calling himself a social democrat. Fatah has also favoured both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders for the United States presidential race in 2016. He said that many Muslim groups, including himself, have recommended curbs on immigration from countries that harbour Islamist sympathisers, similar to policies promised by Trump.

Know more https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tarek_Fatah

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