The Uri Attack – Patriots VS Traitors / This video is only for Adults

The Uri Attack – Patriots VS Traitors / This video is only for Adults

The Uri Attack – Patriots VS Traitors / This video is only for Adults


I respect your speech and opinion and also India. it’s true do you know your soldiers are killing my innocent people about every day. if talk about that then you are bad named me Pakistani. you think we are weak or we can’t do any thing as we have no nuclear energy. please read history and you realize who are we? we sacrifice our lives from British era then Pakistan. and will sacrifice if need. i tell you please stop killing my innocent people. if they occur any crime inform us then see what we do. falani what did she do? do you tell me? why she was murdered. border people unfortunately they can cross the border that’s why they kill them. please stop that.i hope you will try to build up awareness of that matter…….. if you are human then you should stand for humanity..


I am glad that today people are today able express themselves so effectively. This free open source media is the dream of every citizen of countries like India. This is the actual media that speaks the actual truth, not that corrupt biased main source media. Here we can listen to actual intellectuals not those fake self proclaimed Important people of our country. I support and respect every person sensitive enough to understand the pain of fellow human being, no matter which ethnicity or race or country.

Respect you and your feelings sir or rather say this is the exact feeling of each n every young individual in India. our humanity is now becoming our weakness. And all the credit for this goes to our respective Politicians who for there sakes uses the power of common people and forces too…


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