Know Rama & Vijayadashmi : Subho Vijyayadashmi

Know Rama & Vijayadashmi : Subho Vijyayadashmi


Ra is considered the sun god in Egypt.
Ram Navami is the birth of Raghuvir Ram of Raghukul near saryunadi. Raghu means Sun, surya dynasty.

Siamnumriti dance drama on Ramayan is visual treat at Bangkok hydraulic stage. The experience is larger than life , best thing in Bangkok .

Myanmar Ram story is ” Ram Thagyam”,
Thailand as “Ramakein”, Laos “Phra Lak Phra Lam”; Cambodia “Ramkeir”; Malaysia “Hikayad Seriram”; Indonesia “Ram Kavya”.Afghanistan n west Asia has their own version of Ram, but it flourished in SE Asia.

Ram is also described as Sumerian king , his name in Mesopotamia early civilization.

“Rama, Lakshmana and Sita are truer to Indians than even their own family members. … If we can cherish and nurture the ideals of brotherly love, truthfulness, chastity and loyalty described in the Epic, then our homes and work-places would remain freshened by zephyrs from the great sea”. (Rabindranath Tagore)


The Ramayana once influenced a greater part of humanity than any other Epic. It was also popular in Iran, Central Asia, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Japan and even the Philippines . The learned British Sanskritist, J. L. Brockington terms the Ramayana a classic of world literature.

The worldwide appeal of the Ramayana implies that Rama must have been a great historical figure.

Ram is an important name in the Zoroastrian calendar; the Ram Yast is devoted to Rama and Vayu, possibly an echo of Hanuman; many Rama-names occur in Persepolis tablets. Ram Bazrang is the name of a Kurdish tribe of Fars. Frye lists many Sasanian cities with Ram-names: Ram Ardashir, Ram Hormuzd, Ram Peroz, Rema and Rumagam. Ram-Sahristan was the famed capital of the Surens. Ram-alla is a town on the Euphrates and also in Palestine.

Rama and Bharata in the Highly Authentic Sumerian King-List. Study of Sumerian history provides a fairly vivid flesh-and-blood picture of Rama. The highly authentic Sumerian King-list appear such hallowed names as Bharat (Warad) Sin and Rim Sin. Sin was the Moon god Chandra and as the cuneiform symbol for ‘Rim’ can also be read as ‘Ram’, Rim Sin is the same as Rama Chandra. In the Sumerian texts Ram-Sin is said to be from Elam which links him to Indo-Iran. Rama was the longest reigning monarch of Mesopotamia who ruled for 60 years. Bharat Sin ruled for 12 years (1834-1822 BC), exactly as stated in the Dasaratha Jataka.

Unidentified Rock-Cut Relief Near Sutala – Rama and Sita
“The rock carvings of Iran, in spite of a century of study, are still inadequately published.”,wrote N. C. Debevoise in 1942.

Bali was a king of Iran , in Sumerian myth, Balih, son of Etana ruled Kish for 400 years. In the Ramayana also Kishkindhya (Kish-Khanda) was the capital of Sugreeva, brother of Bali.

The great Assyriologist C. J. Gadd, however, termed Ram-Sin’s reign as the golden age of Sumer.

Rama is a greatly respected, if not properly understood figure of the sub-continent. Even the MQM chief of Pakistan has recently expressed his veneration for Rama.

By Kalpana Singh
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Know Rama & Vijayadashmi : Subho Vijyayadashmi

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