ISIS and clash of civilisation Indian perspective

ISIS and clash of civilisation Indian perspective

“ISIS and clash of civilisation.”
Dr M K Debnath

Part -1—-The ‘Khilafat movement’ —a precursor of Islamic Violence
By the end of nineteenth century the Islamic colonial rule over Hindu India was almost negligible. It was almost 150 years of British rule. Whole of India by then was a full pledged British colony and ex-Muslim rulers was having influence over few pockets. Hindu mass was awakening under the social reformers and leaders.

In 1905 Lord Curzon divided Bengal to subvert Hindu awakening, particularly in Bengal. This sparked a mass agitation being led by the Bengali luminaries. Muslims in Bengal took no part in it. This division made East Bengal a Muslim majority region and many Muslim sensed it as a future opportunity to grab.

Due to strong mass agitation led by the Hindu luminaries division of Bengal was halted in 1906. But the same year saw the birth of Muslim league in Dhaka. Initially it was just an ‘Elite Club’ whose members were drawn from aristocratic and business families of the Muslims. Nawab Nazimmuddin and Ispahani was among them.

It was not the Muslim league but the repatriated M K Gandhi who led the first mass movement on behalf of the Indian Muslims. He needed Muslim support to be recognized as the leader of the mass as most of the Hindu mass was with other leaders of the Congress. He found an avenue when after world war 2 the title of ‘Khalifa’ was abolished.

The ruler of Turkey was recognised by the Muslim Umma as the Khalifa. Gandhi found that incident as a good cause to incite the Indian Muslim. As if it was a do or die situation for the Indian Muslims, Gandhi aroused the sentiment of the Indian Muslims. Apparently it was done to destabilse the British grip over India by arousing the Muslim sentiment on something which in every respect was a matter of their religious faith.


After the ‘Khilafat movement’ politically awakened Indian Muslims started joining ‘Muslim League’, as most of them looked at Congress as the Hindu dominated party. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, a former Congress leader was among such Muslim League luminary who took away one third of the Indian Territory as “Pakistan”, as the awakened Muslims of Indian subcontinent refused to live alongside the Hindus who are the ‘Son of the Soil’.

That was the first Muslim awakening in the name ‘Islamic Khilafat’. It took place in the heart of India and the original inhabitants of India paid the price for it at the cost of one third of their motherland.
Part -2—Wahhabi Islam that is terrorizing the whole world

Present world is witnessing the second “Khilafat movement”, to re establish the Khilafat in the heart of the Muslim world.
In the height of the cold war between the ‘Communist world’ and ‘free world’ saw the invasion of Afghanistan by Russian communists which installed a ‘Puppet Communist ‘ government in Afghanistan known as ‘Najibulla Governmet’. USA never digested that development and CIA devised a plan to combat that. It encouraged and funded Pakistan and its ISI to form a ‘ Islamic terrorist organization’ with extreme violent ideology. The name of this organization is ‘Taliban’. Hundreds of thousands of Pakistani Madrassas was converted into ‘production house of Islamic Terrorist’ which followed ‘Wahhabi Islam’, a extreme Islamic faction which originated in Saudi Arabia. This extremist Islamic ideology was originally started by Muhammad Ibn-Al Wahhab (1703-1792), a Sunni sect of Islam. He formed an alliance with local political leader Muhammad Bin Saud the fore father the Saudi family that rules over Saudi Arabia. Today that extremist Islamic faith of Wahhabis and politics of Saudi family is inseparable. Through its ‘Petro Dollars’ ,Saudi family is busy spreading “Extremist Islam’ throughout the world. Pakistan being a Sunni Islamic country is a follower of ‘Wahhabi Islam’ and function as an important accomplish by producing ‘Terrorist’ for spreading the Wahhabi Islam which in turn is an spiritual weapon of ‘Sunni Islam’,being funded by Saudi and some other ‘Sunni Islamic countries’.

In this back ground, USA and CIA colluded with the ‘House Of Saudi’, which funded and fuelled Pakistan to form an “Extremist Islamic organisation’ called ‘Taliban’. Mulla Omar of Afghanistan became its absolute leader and Md.Bin Laden , a Saudi millionaire (propped up by CIA) joined the Taliban movement to defeat Russia. This Talibani soldiers, manufactured in Pakistani Maddrassas with active participation of Pakistani military defeated Russian forces and became ruler of Afghanistan.

Things went wrong, when after the Russian forces retreated and Bin Laden had no extremist job to perform, his megalomaniac brain prompted him to conquer the whole world by forming an ‘Ultra Terrorist’ organization named ‘Al- Qaeda’. Bin Laden by then had the firm grip over Mulla Omar who was nothing but a ‘wild cat’ with nothing but ‘Supremacy of Islam’ in his head. This duo did what they know best, orchestrated Terror and terror and scratched the back of USA by attacking world trade center. The rest is history—- Taliban, along with Molla Omar and ultimately Bin Laden was eliminated. What happened in this process is nothing but spilling of human blood all over.

This propping up of Taliban, Molla Omar and Bin Laden has incited otherwise peaceful Muslims to be sensitized with ‘Political Islam’ that was used in order to conquer a vast area of the world starting from 632 AD, legitimizing a ‘Political ideology ‘ into a ‘Spiritual faith’.
The ultimate beneficiary of this alliance between ‘Wahhabi Islam+ House Saud+ CIA’ is the Saudi family and USA. The loser is ‘Humanity’ and ‘innocent Muslims who were initiated in violence’.
Part -3—-Why ISIS ???
After the episode of “Russia-USA-Pakistan-Taliban” was completed in Afghanistan and while Al-Qaeda was in the process of shaping up, USA was busy planning invasion in Iraq. The same Saddam Hossain who was found very handy against Iran, suddenly became a villain without any credible reason. Western powers always need war for its arm factories keep going. War-devastation and then reconstruction. For reconstruction money flows but not as a gift but long term loan. Then there are many contracts for the reconstruction of many infrastructures given to Western companies.

When this reconstruction at Iraq was going on, Al-Qaeda struck in the heart of USA. Another episode of Afghan war was launched. This saw elimination of Taliban and Bin Laden was disposed off along with Mulla Omar. Both of them took shelter in Pakistan.

Now, Middle East can never be kept quiet. Powerful Western countries always need a constant supply of ‘Petro Dollar’ through the process of destruction and reconstruction. So there was a need of a new villain. With most of the Middle Eastern countries under firm grip of the Western power, Syria was found to be not relenting to the Western powers. Rather, it is friendly towards Russia and Iran. Iran and Syria, these two countries are also very much against Israel. So, Syrian leader must be eliminated.

CIA always work very nicely by creating villain and then a militia group to fight proxy war against that villain. Syria and Iran are two Shia Islamic countries. So, Sunni Islamic countries must fight against them. Wahhabis are Sunni and the cradle of Sunni Islam is in Saudi Arabia. Fomenting religious sentiment among the Muslims is very easy . Wahhabis are extremist and extremism needs no intelligence, rather very easy to manipulate. So, the theory of ‘Khilafat’ came very handy. ISIS was formed by hanging the ‘carrot of Khilafat’ putting in front of the nose of the “Extremist Wahhabis’.
This ISIS was and still is funded by almost 40 countries and the local leading nation this time is not Pakistan but Saudi Arabia and some other Middle Eastern Islamic countries that follows ‘Sunni Islam’ of Wahhabi version.

ISIS is like a wild Frankenstein that cannot be controlled so easily. It has a vast territory with huge amount of dollars flowing in from many countries and also from smuggling of oil. Turkey, the original seat of Khalifa is acting as the local leading nation now, remote controlled by USA, Saudi Arabia.

But, things are not going in right direction as it was planned. Russia and now China started giving active support to Syria and pounding ISIS. Western countries are now getting jittery and talking about ‘World War -3” and it seems that Russia is already planning for it.

Whole world is watching the drama of hide and seek game between ‘Demonic forces like ISIS’ and world powers. Only loser is the life and honour of the refugees from the conflict zone and the innocent people of the world who will suffer immensely if this conflict escalates further.

ISIS and clash of civilization
Dr.M K Debnath

Part -4. What really ISIS want and do the world can afford its demand

We know the Frankenstein, that is ISIS, is created by few International players with some vested interest. Whatever may be ulterior motive a demonic force is already been let lose against the humanity.

ISIS is not really confining itself to the dictate of its creators. In this creation process, the psyche of the Wahhabis has been stimulated by inciting them with the prospect of Islamic supremacy and its domination over the world. Now the excited brain with dream of absolute power can never rest until they achieve it. With the money and arms that they are getting from their creators, the soldiers of ISIS in the name of their religious faith, which they consider as the only pure and perfect ideology that ever been passed on to the human kind by the creator ,the almighty, they are now blind and aggressively will pursue their megalomaniac agenda. They will not settle for anything else unless and until that brutal force is subdued.

Can the world afford this kind of ‘demonic force’ for long? It seems some Western powers still has not woken up with the reality of ISIS. Some of them hesitantly are offering some show of antagonism towards ISIS. Otherwise how this anti human military force can get so much of modern arms and ammunitions and money to run a government and military force ?????

Common and innocent people from immediate conflict zone are suffering immensely. They are brutalized in all sorts of way and manner that civilized human brain never can imagine such brutality. Communist megalomaniacs like Pol pot of Cambodia did much atrocious and inhuman acts towards the non –communists. But, I am sure his acts will dwarf the tactics of torture that ISIS is adopting in their lust for world supremacy to establish their glorious faith which they believe it as it is.

There is an universal law that tells us that whatever and whichever act against the humanity in a large scale can only be and will be eliminated by the divine forces that will confront the evil. While the ISIS is marching forward with its evil design, another force ordained by the divine is rising up world over. This divinity will surely crash this demonic force as the world humanity cannot afford this anymore.

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