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now a days a lot of matters are appearing in various media about the so-called injustice being done by majority community on minority community and a lot of so-called intellectual, scientist, historian, artist and secularist peoples are making hue and cry in support of the minority community in particular. After thorough introspection, following questions and facts came in my mind that where these so-called progressive, intellectual and secular persons were when:-

1.Mughal Islamic emperors came, ruled and converted Hindus forcefully to Islam?

2. Muslims asked separate country for themselves and they got two countries instead of one?

3. When India was divided on the basis of religion than why it has not been declared as a Hindu nation like Islamic states declared by Pakistan and Bangladesh?


4. When Muslims in India are getting more benefits and privilege in the name of so-called Secularism on the cost of majority Hindu community?

5. When Hindus are being tortured in Pakistan and Bangladesh, they are brutality murdered, womens are raped, their temples are destroyed, their land and properties are snatched, they are forcefully converted to Islam etc that is why Hindus become less than 2% at present compared to 15% at the time of Independent in Pakistan and Hindus become less than 10% at present compared to
25% at the time of Independent in Bangladesh?

6. When Hindu Pandits in Kashmir faced same suffering and thrown out from their own state of their own Nation?

7. When population of these minority community is growing faster than majority community in India?

8. When innocent passengers of Sabarmati Express were burnt alive at Godhra railway station?

9. When innocent Sikhs were murdered in year 1984?

10. When in stead of respecting the faith and sentiments of Hindu community, these minority community want to retain irrelevant and non important space for masjid made forcefully by destroying the birth place/place of worship of Hindus at Ayodhya, Mathura and Kashi?

11. When instead of respecting the faith and sentiments of Hindu community, these Muslims intentionally tease the Hindus by killing holly cows, by eating beef and throwing beef eating parties?

12. When innocent person are being killed by Islamic terrorists, all over the World?

13. Who has suffered the most in India, Muslims by the Hindus or Hindus by Muslims?

15. When men of Muslim community still want to marry with four girls and don’t want to give them equal right although Hindus as per their religion were also allowed to marry with more than one girl but the Hindus changed themselves with the time?

16. Family planning is just need of modern time and no religion in this world have any comments about this in their holy books, but why Muslims protest about it in the name of Islam? Only to increase their population compare to other religions?

17. When late M.F. Hussain to tease Hindu community, intentionally draw and made nude and dirty paintings of Hindu God and Goddess instead of making nude painting of God of his own Islam religion and his own family members?

* Why these persons are concerned only about minority community, although Muslims have more population in world compared to Hindus, and if these peoples love Muslims too much than why not they themselves convert to Islam and ask their daughters to marry with Muslims instead of renouncing their awards?

* Religion is the foundation and identity of our culture and the person who favour only a particular community in the name of the so-called secularism is worst than a traitor and we should be aware with such anti Hindu and coward persons.

Love India.

Jai Hind, Vande Mataram.

Nayan Chowdhury Nayan

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