Why Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal Opposing Demonetization of 500 and 1000 Rupee Notes???

Why Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal Opposing Demonetization of 500 and 1000 Rupee Notes???

The whole country is rejoicing, appreciating the historic move taken by Narendra Modi government to curb the Black money menace. But as expected there are two brothers who seemed to be completely upset with the government’s decision.

Yes, it’s none other than Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal.

The congress and the AAP have been in a complete SHOCK mode since Narendra Modi declared the ban of old notes. These parties simply could not react the SIXER  Modi hit. Some of the party leaders tried to escape from media and did not want to say anything. The congress party spokesperson gave a stupid press conference saying that Modi is troubling the common man and questioning how will common man buy household goods?! There cannot be a more pathetic statement than this!

They weren’t worried about common man, but was more worried about their hidden treasure. The frustration of losing all money is making them speak nonsense.

INC India



Would they be a surge in gold imports. indicating that unaccounted wealth will seek refuge in bullion?: @PChidambaram_IN

If RBI form is mandatory for housewives, small traders etc, then it’ll be a pure & simple harassment. INC will condemn it: @PChidambaram_IN

How is demonetisation of high value notes served if a new & higher value note is introduced?: @PChidambaram_IN

The economic decision of the Govt will be tested on a few issues. Present cash to GDP Ratio is 12%. Will this come down?: @PChidambaram_IN

The decision of the Govt has to be seen on the back of undisputed facts. In 1978, Janata Govt demonetised high value notes: @PChidambaram_IN

That action failed to achieve its objectives. High denomination notes were reintroduced & value of unaccounted wealth increased.

Kejriwal had no spine to speak against Modi’s decision, so like a chicken he Retweets Mamata Banerjee’s tweet where she called government’s decision DRACONIAN!!!


All these people very well know that they are going to lose HUGE AMOUNT stacked in secret places. They know they can do NOTHING other than watching their illegal money buried in ground. Kejriwal who doesn’t waste a minute to mock Modi or spread false info or divide the nation with his filthy religious politics hasn’t said a word on government’s decision.  We may assume he is busy looking ways to turn his BLACK money WHITE!!!

The two brothers (Kejri and Rahul) who love to enact DRAMAS on streets are surprisingly locked themselves in rat holes after Modi’s speech yesterday. The so call Anti Corruption crusaders who fooled people that they will end corruption overnight have probably popped SLEEPING pills to fight DEPRESSION! Although it may take another week for Rahul Gandhi to understand what exactly is happening.


Modi did not hold DRAMAS on streets, did not gain sympathy by enacting FAST TILL DEATH drama, he did not waste people’s money for JANTAR MANTAR….He has taken the most simple step which has caused tremors in BLACK MONEY holders.   

You don’t need media, you don’t need publicity if your intentions are clear and you have the will to do it. The fake corruption crusaders should hang their head in shame.

In simple words we can say Modi has TRUMPED all OPPOSITION PARTIES in one go!!!

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