Anju Dhar is a Stupid, Drag Addict Person “India’s Biggest Cover-Up” totally mislead of Indian

Anju Dhar is a Stupid, Drag Addict Person “India’s Biggest Cover-Up” totally mislead of Indian

Anju Dhar has learned good English and also learn how to be part of the Nehru’s Conspiracy to suppress the  Truth of Netaji’s death mystery.

He is a cleaver,   Stupid, Drag Addict person, willing to be a famous person to sell Netaji’s great Image in a narrow way. His intelligence in drag addiction made him mad. Now it required to rehabilitate immediately. He has generated lots of money to made  by  “India’s Biggest Cover-Up”    book as a thrilling book. Times now TV channel bring him on the show try to make him Hero . But due to huge drag addiction he was unable to speak in front of TV channel properly.

To speak truth you needs guts and boldness !

His tweets on Netaji made whole nation surprise, How dear he can make  this type of immature tweets. Kidding and childishness having some limit. You may have fake regards on Netaji but you do not have rights to show him down.

PM modi unable to think to project Netaji more than Gandhi or at least at par ! In time people of India will make Netaji a real Hero of India. No need of priting his picture on Indian currency.

An other stupid partner of Anju Dhar who(Katju) bribes to Congress governments to lift him as Supreme Court Judge ,  Most nonsense and idiot person in Indian Judiciary system. If I would be Judge of any Indian court I would sent him to Jail on comments of Netaji By Abhijit Das Opinion


Katju calls Bose ‘Japanese agent’, Tagore ‘British stooge’Sep 15, 2015 Now-Katju-calls-Bose-Japanese-agent-Tagore-British-stooge



I am so zapped to find this tweet by a man who had once justly taken up the campaign for justice in the Nethaji Subash Chandra Bose mystery, but later fell apart from truths that make up the mystery ………..,


coming forward with this very interesting suggestion, and trying to appear so patriotic before the masses of India, in the name of a national hero; whose very life he now lives to malign with false theories, out of his paid interests, that run his affairs.

A transformation from a true researcher into the Netaji Mystery, to a more self centred and self directed man, going along the dictated path of powerful vested powers, to make ‘THEIR’ lives easy and to make oneself safe, he shouldn’t have come into this business, if he had not the guts to fight it till the end, on the terms of daunting truths that make up the life of this great SON OF INDIA.

Would he also proposes to put in the severed head of Anita Bose Pfaff or for that matter, the head of Emilie Schenkl, kept on top of some japanese ‘ASHES’ preserved inside the Rangoji Temple in Japan, printed on the newly issued currency notes of India?

He strongly propagates these stupid theories.

Oh!!! He sure would be so happy to see it fulfilled, without which the funds that runs his life, peace of mind and happiness now, will not be justified.

Let the campaign continue.

The world knows, where the truth lies hidden.

Stupidity cannot take an even greater shape.


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