The man uproots Congress Govt. Listen Anna Hazare’s View on Modi’s Masterstroke, Anna Making Stronger BJP Govt.

The man uproots Congress Govt. Listen Anna Hazare’s View on Modi’s Masterstroke, Anna Making Stronger BJP Govt.

The man uproots Congress Govt. Listen Anna Hazare’s View on Modi’s Masterstroke, Anna Making Stronger BJP Govt.

My dear opponents of the present demonetisation move by GOI;

Kindly listen to my story, who is the victim of the present rotten systems of India, our beloved county. I along with my spouse sought the permission of this government to commit suicide unable to understand the logic behind the loss of our livelihood in Andhra Bank, just because I have followed the Indian Constitution and tried to contribute my best for safeguarding the bank from being looted by some vested interests both from within the bank as well as from outside. We have addressed this letter as a last resort during the month of June, 2015 after failing to get at least a single appropriate reply from any of the grievance redressal machineries of India, leave alone correcting injustice occurred to us. We have addressed this letter to the following constitutional heads of India;


1) President of India
2) Vice-president of India
3) Prime Minister of India
4) Home Minister of India
5) Defence Minister of India
6) Lok Sabha Speaker of India
7) Supreme Court of India
8) NHRC of India

Out of the above 8, I have received responses from only 4 (VPI, HMI, DMI and NHRCI) and the other 4 (POI, PMI, LSSI and SCI) remained silent. To see for yourselves what we wrote to them and what are their responses see this link (https://www.facebook.com/619206628127291/photos/a.947523841962233.1073741863.619206628127291/953466201367997/?type=3&theater). To know about the full episode go through this link (https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2052924164933395&id=1497241230501694).


Kindly don’t look at my issue as an individual stray case. If that is the case I would have left the issue long back. But it is only a sample case of the plight of not only many honest officials of various governments but also many honest civilians of India. That is why I have taken up this issue so strongly to the GOI thinking that I can pave the way to others who are silently suffering the maladies of present rotten systems of our country. But GOI, it seems so helpless, even to dispose of my case by giving me an appropriate reply in this matter and kept me on hold by way of their continued silence for the last more than one year.

Now tell me my dear responsible opposition parties of India, what do you advise this government in my episode. Do you advise them to leave these rotten systems untouched and allow the “Indian Constitution” to suffer at the hands of certain vested interests of this country? On the other hand if you really feel that whatever the recent measures taken by GOI are simple political drama, even then you have to wait for some time to get the things unfold for themselves. Indian voters are not so insane or timid individuals as you people are looking at them. They can take right decisions at right times and our history shows this. I am not telling here that you don’t have any right to protest the wrongful moves of GOI. But at the same time you are having a greater responsibility, along with the GOI, towards safeguarding our sacred “Indian Constitution” . Otherwise if you people think that under the aftermath of present global scenario we can not take any drastic measures against the evil forces of this country, then make corruption, black money, cheating, etc. are legal and constitutional to the extent you people think it is wise. Along with this constitutional amendment you should give another constitutional relief also to the honest civilians of this country, i.e., “Right to Die” at their will. I am not joking. I am very seriously making this demand.

I, on behalf of honest civilians of this country, hope you people will understand the gravity of the situation and encourage and compel GOI to bring in more and more such dynamic measures in the interest of not only honest civilians of this country but also the misguided civilians of this country. After all these misguided people also are our own brothers and sisters.

|| TRUTH itself is a way. IT has plenty of ways and means at ITS disposal to establish ITSELF. Sooner or later IT is the sole refuge of everyone – “SATYAMEV JAYATE” ||

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